We Don’t Need Validation From The Right: The George Conway Edition

Over the weekend, in light of Il Trumpe’s Twitter meltdown (yet another one), Republican strategist, ‘Never Trumper’, and husband to White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, tweeted out the obvious: the president is unwell. First, some of us on the left have been saying this from day one–and our characterization of his narcissistic personality disorder is more accurate:

•Default emotion: emptiness. Think of a vast, blank wall that can be temporarily sprayed with any available can of paint, the prevailing color being the one most recently employed.

•Incapable of viewing others as real creatures with needs discrete from his or her own, consequently has no problem using others for any purpose that furthers his or her desires, up to and including their destruction, for which he or she will feel no remorse. Remorse in general not a strong suit.

Bipolar internal landscape, vacillates between delusions of grandeur, during which time he or she may be quite pleasant, even “happy”, and abject depression brought about by feelings of inadequacy and unimportance. At such times, may appear paranoid or mutate into hard-to-handle bully. Prone to terrible rage or suicidal self-pity when this artifical cosmic construct (with his or her self at the center) is contradicted by ample evidence to the contrary.

•Bold and heedless in the face of danger; highly imaginative, given to flights of fancy fueled by lack of any instinct for self-doubt, during which any and all ideas will be perceived as brilliant, even inevitable, no matter how lame.

Capable of great generosity and random acts of kindness, because they make him feel good about himself and justify his egocentric worldview.

Zero attention span, concentration of a small child.

Most used word: “I.” Second most used word: “Me.”

Typically, I don’t care what goes on in someone’s head, but, in Trump’s case, it’s an incredibly accurate predictor of how he will react. But back to Conway.

The other thing to note is that Conway–both of them actually–are running a grift. To put it bluntly, his wife is a collaborator. Yet when this is all done, regardless of how this does finally end, Kellyanne Conway will make a killing with a tell-all, while at the same time, George Conway will be rehabilitated as a ‘respectable’ conservative who opposed Trump. There never seems to be a price to being awful. This is the point where I’m supposed to suggest how they will be held accountable, but I don’t have a clue how to make that happen.

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