Links 3/17/19

Links for you. Science:

‘Math Anxiety’ Is Real, and Your Teachers Are Probably to Blame
What Really Makes a Difference in Vaccination Rates?
Track pathogenic organisms promptly with the National Database of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms
Vanderbilt panel weighs in against tenure for #MeToo scientist
T. Rex Like You Haven’t Seen Him: With Feathers


The human cost of insulin in America
What Jesse Taught Bernie About Running for President (important history, whether you like Sanders or not)
There Is No Downside To Impeaching Trump For Democrats
‘They risk squandering this culture of transit riding’: Metro ridership hits a low point
Metro ridership is in free fall. Why won’t the Metro board act?
What Makes Restaurants Sink or Swim? We Asked a Woman Who Helps Them Stay Afloat.
America Has Always Exported Culture. Have We Added Mass Shootings and Online Fascism? (I’m not certain; the new version definitely has European influences too)
Why the GOP Isn’t Getting the Jewish Vote Anytime Soon
LePage: Democratic Party’s ‘Money’ Comes From Jews ‘For The Most Part’
Police arrest man projecting ‘discrimination is wrong’ onto outside of Rayburn House Office Building
MMT Has Been Around for Decades. Here’s Why It Just Caught Fire
It’s Magic! Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education allows Grand Canyon University to call itself non-profit while its parent company reports profit margin of 27 percent (this, of course, is nothing like the K-12 charter school profiteers…)
Democratic wins in 2020 won’t change much if Mitch McConnell saves the filibuster
Why Fewer People Are Riding Metro Now Than In 2000
From Richard Nixon to Donald Trump, Republicans once championed D.C. statehood
Beto O’Rourke Is the Candidate For Vapid Morons (“Does that gloopy word salad move you? Do you think he’s actually saying something? Then, yes, you might be Beto O’Rourke’s constituency.”)
A History Of D.C.’s Bizarre Daylight Saving Mishaps
As Boston Aims To End Traffic Deaths, Deadliest Streets Often Go Overlooked
The Convergence Among Racial, Gender, and Economic Attitudes in 2018

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