Why The Failure To Get Trump’s Taxes Is So Upsetting

I seem to be one of the few people beating on the drum of getting Il Trumpe’s taxes–something that could happen if the Democratic head of the Ways and Means committee, Rep. Richard Neal, just wrote a damn letter. It’s not that I think it will DESTROY! Trump (though it might, you never know). But if the notion of resistance means anything, then getting his taxes–which is relatively simple to do–should have been done out of the gate. Tom Scocca gets at why this is so frustrating (boldface mine):

After two and a half years of regular people admonishing other regular people not to normalize Trump, the official strategy of the opposition party leadership is to treat all this as normal, to be dealt with in due time by normal electoral politics. (The president’s vision of normal electoral politics, last time out, was to send the armed forces to the border for a fake crisis.) They are afraid to use the political system as it was explicitly designed to be used. We are stuck being subject to Trump, and we’ll be stuck being subject to whatever other criminals come along after him. If our government fails to draw the line at Donald Trump, there is no line.

He was writing about impeachment. It’s all the more galling when Democrats refuse to conduct an investigation competently.

This is yet another reason why this life-long Democrat doesn’t trust the Democratic leadership–and before you claim they know what they’re doing, they’re partially responsible for this mess in the first place due to gormlessness like this.

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