Links 12/31/13

Links for you. Science:

Global Green Inc.’s Salmonella Vaccine Meets FDA Food Policy of Phasing Out Antibiotics on Farms
8 Species We Thought Were Extinct But Are Actually Still Alive
The Snarky, Clever Comments Hidden in the “Acknowledgments” of Academic Papers
What we can and can’t learn from the Many Labs Replication Project
We still don’t really know how bicycles work: Forget mysterious dark matter and the inexplicable accelerating expansion of the universe; the bicycle represents a far more embarrassing hole in the accomplishments of physics.


In Search of Historic Bobo (brilliant)
If the Private Sector Is So Great, Why Did UPS Botch Christmas? A corrective for market triumphalists
Grantham Is Wrong — We Are Not Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions
Dudley Square, innovation hub?
10 Things NOT to Say to Your Single Friends
Bill McKibben’s graph of the year: We’re extracting more fossil fuels than ever
Redistribute wealth? No, redistribute respect. (the problem is that money and respect are deeply intertwined in the U.S.)
White-tailed deer dies after jumping into cheetah enclosure at National Zoo
America’s Internal Checkpoints
The Life of a Fast-Food Striker
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
The Holocaust survivor whose life is in danger again

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  1. Robert L Bell says:

    Happy New Year, buddy! I look forward to lots of interesting discussion and commentary in 2014 – it’s what we have come to expect from you.

  2. Grantham is unpersuasive.

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