Links 12/30/13

Links for you. Science:

Re-Examining the FDA Antibiotics Decision: Banning Growth Promoters Won’t Be Enough
International team completes systematic, genomic study of cervical cancer
Diabetes risk gene ‘from Neanderthals’
Kiwi photographer captures extraordinary power of great white shark (FLYING SHARKS!!)
Science Can’t Tell You If Your Cat Loves You (Yet)
Fake Knee Surgery as Good as Real Procedure, Study Finds


Newsflash: Claiming that China is America’s “banker” is misleading and racist
What Did the FAO Schwarz Catalog Look Like in 1911?
The 7 Habits of Highly Overrated People
Bradford synagogue saved by city’s Muslims
Mass., Vt. halt payments to firm behind health sites
The Invisible Hand Is All Thumbs
Why the Left Must Embrace Affluenza
Atheism is an intellectual luxury for the wealthy
I fell off the left-right continuum today
When will technology undercut sports attendance?
Amid mass school closings, a slow death for some Chicago schools
Celsus, Origen, and David Brooks

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Atheism is an intellectual luxury for the wealthy

    The comments section is interesting.

  2. Knocking over other states is indeed categorically denied, however. Sorry, you’re going to have to provide evidence of it actually working out well.
    Air assault on Lybia is not the same as knocking over another state. It is the use of force to prevent a dictator to slay his own people. Regardless of the outcome, the use of force is justified because it stops immediate bloodshed.
    You obviously live in a stable and peaceful society. That peace is maintained through force not just self-defense. There are practical reasons to desire a police force where you live (i.e., you don’t w

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