Links 8/30/21

Links for you. Science:

Booster shots won’t stop the delta variant. Here’s the math to prove it.
Prominent behavioral scientist’s paper earns an expression of concern
Delta’s rise is fuelled by rampant spread from people who feel fine
California builds a ‘Noah’s Ark’ to protect wildlife from extinction by fire and heat
Impact of Delta on viral burden and vaccine effectiveness against new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the UK (1. We’ll likely need boosters; 2. The vaccines are doing pretty damn well!)


A former Pence adviser said Trump had 4 years to help Afghan allies leave the country but Stephen Miller’s ‘racist hysteria’ blocked it from happening
Nobody Cares Who Lost Afghanistan: The fall of Kabul is a tragedy. It’s not a political liability for Joe Biden.
Afghanistan: The End of the Occupation
How much freedom did Biden have to time the evacuation of Kabul?
Which neighborhood in Greater Washington has the highest density? Hint: It’s not in DC.
Maker of Popular Covid Test Told Factory to Destroy Inventory
Biden, Allies Frustrated With Media’s Hawkish Coverage Of Afghanistan Withdrawal
Fox News’ ‘big lie’ segments face judicial comeuppance
The Quiet Rage of the Responsible
India Walton Won Big With Renters in Buffalo
He predicted the dark side of the Internet 30 years ago. Why did no one listen?
Refusing to Proceed as Normal: University of Alabama at Huntsville professor leaves his tenured job over the university’s pandemic planning, saying he can’t be part of the disaster he fears will unfold this fall.
Could the American public learn the right lessons from Afghanistan?
What Happens When All of Your Co-workers Quit? As a record number of Americans leave their jobs, those who can’t are working themselves sick.
The Worst Take on Afghanistan Yet
Can China Step Off Its Property Treadmill? Not Likely
I lost my father to cancer — and my sister to vaccine refusal
America as a Base Nation Revisited
School or ‘Russian Roulette’? Amid Delta Variant and Lax Mask Rules, Some Parents See No Difference
‘I Feel Used’: OnlyFans Made Millions Off Sex Workers’ Labor, Then Hung Them Out To Dry

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  1. jmagoun says:

    I admit I laughed at the headline of the HuffPo piece, about sex workers “feeling used” by an exploitative website. Duh!

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