60th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

I’ve shot this flag on Acorn Street (Beacon Hill, Boston), but I never realized that it is the a flag of the 60th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which only existed from 1864 – 1865 (no, that’s not a typo):


The 60th, according to Wikipedia, was not one of Massachusetts more valorous regiments (boldface mine):

When their commanding officer, Colonel Ansel D Wass (formerly of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry) joined them, the regiment was sent to Indianapolis, Indiana. They were sent there “on account of the conspiracy of an extensive organization known as the Knights of the Golden Circle or Sons of Liberty”. They remained in Indiana during their term of service, and were mustered out on 30 Nov 1864.

While camped in Indianapolis during an October 1864 gubernatorial election, some controversy with the regiment came about. It was claimed that some soldiers of this regiment “voted a dozen times each, and some claimed they had done so twenty-five times for the Republican candidate”, Oliver P. Morton, who was elected governor…

They were not involved in any battles or skirmishes, but lost 10 soldiers to disease.

Who knew?

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