Texas Begins HIV Transmission Program

Not exactly sure how this saves lives (boldface mine):

Amid an ongoing battle over Planned Parenthood’s participation in the state Medicaid program, Texas health officials are cutting off funding to a Planned Parenthood affiliate for an HIV prevention program.

In a notice received by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast late Monday, an official with the Department of State Health Services informed the Houston-based provider that it would not renew its contract for HIV prevention services…

By ending Planned Parenthood’s contract, the state is cutting off almost $600,000 in annual funding, which the health care provider used for HIV testing and counseling, condom distribution and referral consultations.

Through the grant, which Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has received since 1988, the organization served individuals with HIV in five counties in the Houston area. Since 2014, the grant has funded more than 138,000 HIV tests and helped in identifying 1,182 people with HIV, according to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast….

“I don’t know who else is going to fill that gap, and I don’t know if anyone can, frankly,” said Rochelle Tafolla, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. “Every time the state cuts these programs in an attempt to score political points … the true victims here are tens of thousands of women and men who no longer have access to health care that they need.”

It’s unclear whether the state will reallocate the funds to a different provider in the area.

As of Dec. 31, the funding was ended, and there’s no evidence the state of Texas has found an alternative contractor. Unfortunately, infectious disease doesn’t take furloughs.

Well done, ‘pro-lifers’…

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3 Responses to Texas Begins HIV Transmission Program

  1. realthog says:

    So from now on nobody but a lunatic would go to bed with someone from Texas. Plus ca change . . .

  2. I respectfully disagree. I don’t kiss someone if I have a cold. This
    is a basic concept. Don’t make this about something else.

    • realthog says:

      So you don’t kiss someone if you’re infectious? What a champ you are. Now, what if someone who is, unknown to you, infectious kisses you?

      And what if they themselves don’t know they’re infectious?

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