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What the 1,000 Foot Ban Means for Needle Exchange

What a de facto ban on federal funding for needle exchanges means.
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To Be Scientifically Literate, You Do Have to Know Things

A scientifically literate person not only understands the scientific method, but also knows some science.
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Conservative Oppositional Disorder Harms Public Health

Note to conservatives: propose an alternative public health solution or shut up.
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Nesse and Stearns on How Evolution Is Used in Medicine

Evolutionary medicine matters.
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The Other Finding from the Florida Sex Ed Survey

Will the Drug Warriors now support sex-ed?
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Influenza and Low Hanging Fruit

Very few problems can be solved solely by throwing buckets of money at them. Annual influenza is one of those problems than can be solved that way.
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Tara Speak. You Listen

ScienceBlogling Tara of Aetiology has co-authored a PLoS Biology article about HIV denialism and the internets.
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A Question About Tobias

Friday, Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias resigned because he had received ‘massages’ from an escort service. One of Tobias’ major effects on U.S. foreign policy was to promote abstinence-only sex education.
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Antibiotic Resistance in Chimps

There’s an interesting news story about antibiotic resistance in wild chimpanzee populations that claims to have found transfer of resistant Escherichia coli from humans to wild animals.
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The Straight Bullshit Express: the Condom Edition

Full disclosure: I have never bought into the belief of the Compulsive Centrists that John McCain is moderate. A detailed look at his voting record shows that he is often very conservative, with the occasional moment of lucidity (e.g., recognizing that global warming is actually happening). But it is truly pathetic to watch a man who clearly doesn’t agree with the theological conservatives twist himself into a pretzel in an effort to placate them. He’s done it with evolution. Now, he is ‘confused’ about condoms.
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