Liberals: Embrace Local Government?

While I’m away on vacation, here’s one from the wayback machine about how Democrats might actually want to try throwing money at people who support them, as opposed to those who hate them:

The Strangler has an thought-provoking editorial (and very, very long) “The Urban Archipelago” on why liberals should focus on state and local control. I’m not entirely sure that a city-first approach is feasible, but I think it’s good that Democrats are beginning to realize that they should help themselves first and foremost (I excerpted my favorite part):

Let’s see, what else are we for? How about education? Cities are beehives of intellectual energy; students and teachers are everywhere you look, studying, teaching, thinking. In Seattle, you can barely throw a rock without hitting a college. It’s time to start celebrating that, because if the reds have their way, advanced degrees will one day be awarded based on the number of Bible verses a person can recite from memory. In the city, people ask you what you’re reading. Outside the city, they ask you why you’re reading. You do the math–and you’ll have to, because non-urbanists can hardly even count their own children at this point. For too long now, we’ve caved to the non-urban wisdom that decries universities as bastions of elitism and snobbery. Guess what: That’s why we should embrace them. Outside of the city, elitism and snobbery are code words for literacy and complexity. And when the oil dries up, we’re not going to be turning to priests for answers–we’ll be calling the scientists. And speaking of science: SCIENCE! That’s another thing we’re for. And reason.

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