The Las Vegas Massacre

Some thoughts on this weekend’s mass murder–and I’m trying to not repeat the obvious here:

  1. Everyone is a responsible gun owner, until he isn’t anymore. From news reports, it appears the shooter bought his guns legally, and, until the massacre, he had not broken the law. How legislation that is designed to ‘promote responsible gun use’ would have stopped this is not clear to say the least.
  2. We do not have a gun problem, but multiple gun problems. No one needs a semi-automatic rifle that can be easily converted to fully automatic. No one needs a high-capacity clip. But most gun deaths in the U.S. are a result of handguns, not long-barrel rifles:

    Overwhelmingly, in urban areas, homicides are caused by handguns–it’s not like the movies where every hardcase has a long-barrel semi-automatic. That’s what people in cities, regardless of race, worry about: someone pulling out a hidden handgun and shooting you over something stupid (an argument or a robbery), not some spree shooter. Instead of a fist fight or even a knife, someone pulls a trigger, and, bang, you’re dead. People in the suburbs, unless they’re truly paranoid, don’t worry about this. Yet handguns, far and anyway, are the leading cause of death, not assault rifles (not saying people should have easy access to those either).

  3. The Second Amendment does not supersede the First Amendment. Even before our Era of Massacres, in too many paces, the rule of the gun meant people could not freely move about or congregate. Freedom of assembly is more important than owning a gun.
  4. The ‘gun culture’ is an incredible dysfunctional culture, and it is killing us. When your ‘way of life’ or traditional pastime makes it too easy to kill, you need to change it.
  5. The NRA is a business lobby. They are cynically trying to sell more product. They are not defending civil liberties or any other bullshit.
  6. And ALEC is its stalking horse. While the NRA gets all the attention, in no small part by design, the corporate lobby ALEC does the heavy legislative lifting. We need to find a way to stop ALEC.
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4 Responses to The Las Vegas Massacre

  1. Kevskos says:

    Gun insurance. Commit a gun crime without insurance and go to jail, your gun in accidental discharge without insurance, go to jail. I am sure the gun insurance companies would recognize the danger of multiple military style weapons and charge accordingly. Easiest way to stop gun hoarding.

    • Tom_b says:

      Already, owners of vicious dogs have to carry liability insurance.

      I like that it pits the World’s Biggest Supporter of Terrorism (the NRA) against an even bigger lobbying group, insurance companies.

      Even if you take out the jail part, someone steals your gun and uses it in a crime, YOU lose your house, unless you have the liability insurance in place. And the courts could even start testing this concept without any new legislation being “not-passed” by Congress. Downside: the terrorist enablers have failed to pass even nationwide mandatory gun registration, like we have for people, cars, and houses, so ownership verification could be troublesome. One workaround: charge everybody for gun liability coverage unless they legally swear that no household member owns a firearm and no firearms are allowed on the property.

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