Links 12/24/18

Links for you. Science:

The Recurring Dread of a Paralyzing Illness
EPA science adviser allowed industry group to edit journal article
The First-Ever Insect Vaccine Is Designed to Protect Bees from Devastating Diseases
Tennessee U.S. Rep.-elect Mark Green alleges vaccines may cause autism, questions CDC data (thankfully, he’ll be in the minority, so hopefully the Democrats will limit the damage he can do)
Your brain hates the flu shot. Get one anyway


Who is ‘We’? (“You got it wrong because you willfully ignored all of the disconfirming evidence in order to reach your predetermined conclusion.”)
The “Yellow Vest” Riots In France Are What Happens When Facebook Gets Involved With Local News (worth noting that some of the original Yellow Vests are kinda bonkers)
Trump’s Inauguration Paid Trump’s Company — With Ivanka in the Middle
Democrat Signs House Petition to Save Net Neutrality After Voters Call Her Out
Cybill Shepherd Says Her Show Was Canceled After She Declined Les Moonves’ Advances
So, No One is From DC, Huh? (I am!)
I didn’t ask to be followed around the internet by a pregnancy that ended too soon
As an intellectual historian, I’ve found it puzzling that no one has scanned Ross Douthat’s writings from the Harvard Salient, 1998-2002.
Trump Suddenly Realizes His Survival Depends on the Establishment
Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country
Miami residents welcome historic climate gentrification resolution
Writers Silenced by Surveillance: Self-Censorship in the Age of Big Data
The Detention of Huawei’s CFO is Legally Justified. Why Doesn’t the U.S. Say So?
‘The Pentagon Has Steadfastly Stonewalled Against Making Its Budget Auditable’ (wrote about this here)
Meanwhile in Hungary

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