Stating the Obvious About Gun Control

Thanks to the June decision by the Supreme Court that argues gun control regulations must be rooted in ‘historic traditions’, ammosexuals have started firing off lawsuits, including one that argues for the right to carry on D.C.’s Metro. D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine states the obvious–which, of course, means nothing when it comes to the runaway conservative courts (boldface mine):

But in his 44-page response, Racine argued that Metro is in fact a sensitive place because of the role it plays in transporting government workers and school children (since D.C. has no school buses, children use Metro for transportation) but also because of the possible risks of conflict on crowded trains and buses.

In dense spaces characterized by jostling and interpersonal conflict, the risk of a gun being accidentally discharged or hastily fired is tragically high — not only for the innocent bystanders who may be shot, but also for the countless other victims who may be crushed or thrown from a platform by a panicked crowd. What is more, any incident involving a firearm could disrupt transit for the hundreds or thousands of people relying on government-provided transportation each day,” he wrote. “In addition, the Metro is a sensitive place because it functions as the District’s school bus, meaning that a large concentration of children may be riding trains and buses at any given time.”

Racine also countered historical arguments made by the plaintiffs to justify being allowed to carry concealed guns on Metro, saying that the conditions faced today are little like those early in the country’s history. “Plaintiffs provide no sensible reason to assume that the desolate roadways of 19th century are at all analogous to the Metro’s gated, underground, and densely packed transit zones,” he argued.

At some point, if the courts keep being stupid, the executive and legislative branches must execute checks on their prerogatives. And, yes, guns in a subway system are a really bad idea, especially in light of the right’s belief that urban areas are violent hellholes.

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