Links 9/22/22

Links for you. Science:

The case for lotteries as a tiebreaker of quality in research funding. More funders should consider using randomization to choose grant recipients when decisions are too close to call. (I and many others have being arguing for this for many, many years)
Polio is the next front in the disinformation wars
Explaining the mysterious purple gold at Spain’s Alhambra
UMD Researcher Develops Nasal COVID Vaccine
Long-term neurologic outcomes of COVID-19 (no mention of vaccination status though)
Poxviruses, outbreaks, and Ebola: A Q&A with a retiring CDC expert on bad bugs


I Was Fired for Asking Students to Wear Masks
WOUNDED CITY: A weekend of gun violence in Philadelphia shows the incalculable, yet cruelly normal, level of trauma that residents must endure.
Puerto Rico’s Power Troubles—Who Has It and How It’s Used. This isn’t just about electricity and keeping the lights on, though.
The Good Republicans
Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Brought out All the Folks with Fancy Titles that History Left Behind
Tucker Carlson’s latest call to violence cannot be contextualized away. It’s dangerous rhetoric
No, Mr. President, the pandemic isn’t over
How a Category 1 hurricane did so much damage in Puerto Rico
Video shows sensitive data of every Georgia voter might have been copied by Trump’s team
The Democratic plan to avert a 2024 Trump coup quietly advances
PA: Josh Shapiro Joins GOP On School Vouchers
DeSantis’s Contempt for Immigrants Makes Him Politically Stupid
Who Matters
Chrissy Teigen has shown what abortion is. Some refuse to accept it.
Doctors say Graham’s abortion ban would force women to have transvaginal ultrasounds
The Good Republicans
Biden declared the pandemic ‘over.’ His Covid team says it’s more complicated.
Nazi analogies are dangerous. But they are increasingly relevant today.
Lies and fraud have become the basis for the Trump-packed Supreme Court majority
Police Are Repeating the Drug War’s Dark History in the Fentanyl Era
Most Councilmembers Won’t Seek Another Repeal If Tipped Wage Ballot Measure Passes
Why zero Republicans have joined Sanders’s warning of a Brazil coup

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  1. Don’t abortion bans result in Forced Labor?

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