Links 9/21/22

Links for you. Science:

Sydney’s Trash Wars: People And Cockatoos Locked In Escalating ‘Innovation Arms Race’
Monkeypox in a Young Infant — Florida, 2022
“When They’re Hungry, They’ll Let You Know”: Caring for Dogfish
Biden Is Wrong, the COVID-19 Pandemic Isn’t Over
Long COVID Experts and Advocates Say the Government Is Ignoring ‘the Greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History’
Naming the unnamed: over 65,000 Candidatus names for unnamed Archaea and Bacteria in the Genome Taxonomy Database


Long COVID Experts and Advocates Say the Government Is Ignoring ‘the Greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History’ (excellent, must-read)
‘A Crisis Coming’: The Twin Threats to American Democracy (stopped clock is right twice a day… and there’s still some both-sidesing)
Let’s not give Biden a pass for “the pandemic is over.” Imagine if Trump said it? (Mehdi Hasan)
Metro Reduced This Year’s Budget Shortfall By Half. But Long-Term Financial Issues Loom
Of course DeSantis flouts the law and human decency — He’s just following Trump’s example. Some Republicans see DeSantis as a cleaned-up Trump. But their contempt for the rule of law is exactly the same
Trump’s unhinged rage in Ohio shows the danger of a GOP Congress
Dump the Debt Ceiling Before Republicans Win the House: Democrats should act while they still control Congress to erase the possibility of a government default.
A New Museum: Competition in the Land of Young Earth Creationism
Under New Bill, D.C.’s Traffic Cameras Would Dole Out Points As Well As Fines
After Texas Sent Him to Washington, One Migrant Launches a New Life
Marjorie Taylor-Greene Tries to Lay the Groundwork for a Trump Purge of Civil Servants
There’s a Pill Between Plan B and Abortion That ‘Treats’ a Missed Period: Menstrual regulation with period pills could let us think of ourselves as “a little bit pregnant,” as a new episode of the podcast Invisibilia explores.
House Republicans Plan to Investigate Chamber of Commerce If They Take the Majority
Forget the cruel stunts. What should we actually do about immigration?
Republicans Use Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free to Own the Libs
Honorable Gentleman
Widening the lens on democracy
Wish It Away Now
On Barbara Ehrenreich
The smoking gun in Martha’s Vineyard
Say Goodbye to Turning Right on Red in DC
The idea that the pandemic is over is obviously a load of hot garbage, but at least we’re in a much better place than we were a year ago, right? Wrong. Let’s compare September 2021 (SY21-22) to September 2022 (SY22-23) in DC Public Schools
COVID-19 know-it-alls want to revisit the 2020-21 school year? Fine. Let’s
Freed after years in prison, Pennsylvania brothers become political fodder

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