Why is Richard Perle Allowed to Speak?

I typically try not to blog when I’m angry, but I’m making an exception. I just turned on my TV to the PBS News Hour. There was a panel discussion about Colin Powell’s legacy. One of the panelists was Richard Perle.

Richard Perle?! This is the guy who thought that:
1) Iraq would be a cakewalk
2) that we would be seen as liberators, not occupiers
3) that ethnic and religious tensions wouldn’t come to the fore
4) that Iranian influence would be weakened, not strengthened (by the way, has it ever occurred to the hawks that Iran is playing them–rather than wimping out, they’re pulling a North Korea, using nuclear technology to gain economic and political concessions)
5) that democracy would be established swiftly
6) that there would be few dead and wounded
7) that we wouldn’t be there for very long.

Every prediction the man made was tragically wrong. Why is he invited to analyze anything? Is there even a remote possibility that he’ll be right? This guy couldn’t shed light if he were on the Vegas Strip at high noon. He should pack his bags and go back to his villa on the French Riviera (I love it when corporate jet conservatives are cultural hypocrites).

Why did PBS invite him onto the News Hour?

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