Links 8/28/18

Links for you. Science:

What is a good genome assembly?
Foxconn Gets a Pollution Pass for Its Wisconsin Factory
Are Cities Making Animals Smarter?
Crows trained to pick up litter at French theme park
My ancestry test revealed a genetic bombshell


Photoshop fail: Corey Stewart seeks to link Sen. Tim Kaine to radical left with phony image of Contra commandos in Nicaragua
They’ll Be So Much Safer Than Human Drivers
U Street almost became strip malls and office parks — here’s how
Omarosa is exposing Trump’s deeply twisted view of loyalty
Legal Experts: White House NDAs Constitute Felony Bribery For Both Trump And The Signers
Conspiracy Theories And Dubious Health Advice, Courtesy Of Alex Jones
‘I Lost It’: The Boss Who Banned Phones, and What Came Next
To impeach or not? If Democrats win, they’ll face a January quandary
Why a Free Press Matters
One in 10 Airbnb Hosts Are Teachers
Can You Really Use the White House’s Phone Number Instead of a Rewards Card?
Summer 2018 Is the Summer of Sleaze: Here’s how looking like a teenage weed dealer became a whole thing.
DCCC Still Refusing To Back Progressive Primary Winners
I’ve Got Heritage, Too
Adopted and Undocumented (horrible)
4 Permanent Impacts of Temporary Tactical Urbanism Projects
The Problem Of Private Ambulance Services
The Bad Idea for “Fixing” Homelessness That Just. Won’t. Die.
Today in American Ethnic Cleansing
Evangelical U.S. Air Force General Has Secretly Been Running a Christian Online Ministry in Possible Violation of Rules
Online activists hit hatemongers like Alex Jones where it hurts the most — in the wallet

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  1. zero says:

    That Newsweek link is digital cancer. It took me probably ten minutes with adblock and the developer console in Chrome to be able to scroll through the text, and it still ate two gigs of ram while trying desperately to load every video on Facebook and Adsense.

    If your experience was better, what are you using?

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