Links 3/5/23

Links for you. Science:

Why weather may be a missing link in flu prediction
Comorbidities, multimorbidity and COVID-19
Scalable, high quality, whole genome sequencing from archived, newborn, dried blood spots
Graduate Admissions Are Downstream of Faculty Hiring: Everything comes back to original sin
A bat MERS-like coronavirus circulates in pangolins and utilizes human DPP4 and host proteases for cell entry (return to sender please)
Case studies expose deadly risk of mpox to people with untreated HIV


Correcting The New York Times on Trans Issues
Is the United States Ready for Back-to-Back Pandemics? (nope)
Who Do You Think Pete Buttigieg Talks To All Day
Sen. Bernie Sanders, “Embarrassed” by “racist” Israeli Government, Threatens to Withhold Aid
Mount Rainier City Council Votes Unanimously To Cap Rent Increases
Jan. 6, election security and scandal: Congress’ sleepiest committee heats up
A Look Inside The National Zoo’s Renovated Bird House, Opening Next Month
Why are nurses quitting? Ask the nurse no hospital will hire.
How Iran used a network of secret torture centers to crush an uprising
A Thing That Happened
Whistleblowers Take Note: Don’t Trust Cropping Tools
Amazon employees express dismay, anger about sudden return-to-office policy
Can Biden legally cancel student debt? There’s no question. (but what would the guy who wrote the law know, amirite?)
Four-day working week ‘more productive’: UK study
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court primary signals Democrats’ strength
The average American tenant is rent-burdened. Here’s what that means for the economy. For the first time in over 20 years, the typical American spends 30 percent of their income on housing.
When extremists take over local Michigan governance, disruption is followed by dysfunction
Peebles Corp. Claims Political Interference From Neil Albert Tanked Mount Vernon Triangle Development Deal
Broken Sociality
DeSantis, Florida GOP introduce bill to give Supreme Court opportunity to reconsider press freedom
Wisconsin Voters Could Finally Balance the Court to Unwind the State’s Partisan Gerrymander
Democrats romp in do-over of key New Hampshire race that Republicans tried to cancel
‘All-out revolution’: Proud Boy describes group’s desperation as Jan. 6 approached
Rail Companies Blocked Safety Rules Before Ohio Derailment
‘The longer the train, the heavier the train’ — Ohio disaster calls attention to freight’s growing bulk

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