Links 7/22/20

Links for you. Science:

Lyme disease continues to spread. Can a seasonal shot help slow the spread of the tick-borne illness?
Free saliva-based COVID-19 tests begin at University of Illinois, but school won’t say if students are required to take them (and this hasn’t been rolled out nationally because…?)
New Brunswick brewery testing its own employees for COVID-19
‘Superspreading’ events, triggered by people who may not even know they are infected, propel coronavirus pandemic
Russian Elite Given Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Since April


The crisis that shocked the world: America’s response to the coronavirus (very good overview)
Trump administration pushing to block new money for testing, tracing, and CDC in upcoming coronavirus relief bill (there is a plan)
Please Don’t Make Me Risk Getting Covid-19 to Teach Your Child
The pandemic has hit restaurants hard, but experts say the ‘ghost food hall’ concept might save them
Televangelists take a slice as churches accept billions in US coronavirus aid (but not for Planned Parenthood, amirite?)
Don’t Blame Protesters For The Rise In Violent Crime
Border Patrol’s Dream of Becoming a National Police Force is Becoming a Reality
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Hoovered Up $400,000 In Campaign Funds In Just 2 Days, Records Reveal
Democratic Complacency Is Back
Pinochet’ed in Portland
“The icon of icons”: Remembering civil rights hero, Congressman John Lewis
Fox Attacks the Washington Post—in the Best Way Possible
‘Overwhelmed and Terrified’: Las Vegas’ Reopening Backfires Terribly
We Need Some Scandinavian Solidarity
What the Heck Are Federal Law Enforcement Officers Doing in Portland?
Storm in a Teacup: On tea, colonial trade, and the origins of capitalism in India and China
David Shor’s Unified Theory of American Politics (interesting, but falls into trap of not realizing demographic groups can change their minds and be persuaded)
Want a Black Lives Matter mural on your downtown office building? Call this guy.
Some people aren’t wearing masks on the T — other passengers aren’t having it
How Congress can stop gerrymandering: Deny seats to states that do it.
The Grocery Stories: The backlash begins
The Great American Crackup is underway

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  1. do you link to audio books? because this is a good one:
    George Lakey Viking Economics How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can Audiobook

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