Here’s My Two-Dimensional Barcode

So I found this real cool two-dimensional barcode generator. Here’s this blog’s two-dimensional barcode:

It stands for:

Mike the Mad Biologist
Providing help to idiots who desperately need it by calling them fucking morons since 2004

What’s your barcode?

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10 Responses to Here’s My Two-Dimensional Barcode

  1. CarrieP says:

    Uh, wha? Turn your site into a bar code, then download software that can read it, and then what?
    What’s the practical applications of this type of technology? Admittedly, cool, but I just don’t get it.
    Guess I’m just an old fogie at 29.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can print that bar code almost anywhere, from a newspaper ad to barn door.
    The idea is to take a photo of the bar code and feed it to a reader. Typically the reader would detect the URL in the code and send the web browser to that page. AFAIK the support is available for most smart phones with a built-in camera.

  3. Alex says:

    Hey Mike! I chatted for you for a bit after your talk for Skeptical Drinking or whatever that was the other day. I was the…the drunk one. No, the other drunk one. Forget it. Great talk though, I enjoyed it.
    Here’s a question for you: Is there a book out there by an “intelligent design” proponent that’s clearly written and presents what you think is their best argument? In the interest of “know thy enemy” – it occurred to me that I mostly hear about intelligent design from scientists who are bashing it, and I might as well get it direct from the horse’s ass.
    Thanks bud!

  4. Alex,
    “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution” by Michael Behe is probably the ‘best.’

  5. Alex says:

    Thanks Mike! I will check it out. From the library, so I’m not giving him my money.

  6. CarrieP says:

    Thanks, Lassi Hippeläinen. Makes more sense to me now.

  7. Brian X says:

    Not much good to me if I can’t read it with my CueCat…

  8. mark says:

    Remarkable! After staring at the graphic for 15 minutes, I could see the Virgin Mary right in the middle of it.

  9. forumman says:


  10. sohbet says:

    Thanks You So Much.. Have Nice Days..

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