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The CDC Report On EBSLs & CREs: Better, If Not Good, News

This week, the CDC released a report describing trends in carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (E. coli and relatives that are resistant to all penicillin derivatives, and are also typically resistant to most or all other drugs; CRE) and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing organisms … Continue reading

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Louise Slaughter, Congresswoman and Microbiologist, RIP

Friday, Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter died after complications from a fall. She was a stalwart for women’s rights, and co-author of the Violence Against Women Act; Slaughter also was one of the few congress(wo)men who attempted to delay the confirmation … Continue reading

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Language Differences And The Public Response To Antibiotic Resistance

Years ago, when I worked in public health, a repairman was working in the office, and he approached me and asked, “So, antibiotics, are you for them or against them?” I explained that we advocated for them to be used … Continue reading

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The Second Worst Cost Of Antibiotic Resistance

Of course, the first is the illness and death that results from untreatable infections. But Bill Hanage makes a very important point (boldface mine): Although the risk of getting a completely resistant infection is low in the United States, about … Continue reading

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The Clinical And Bioinformatic CTX-M Problem

We’ll get to what CTX-M is in a bit, but first some biology background. Let’s talk about some game theory carbapenem antibiotics (also referred to as carbapenems): Before we get started, let’s do a quick biology review. A serious health … Continue reading

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We Don’t Know How Much Resistance Many Antibiotic Resistance Genes Actually Provide

This is a problem. At the recent ASM 2017 Microbe meeting (the annual meeting for the American Society for Microbiology), there were many groups, academic, governmental, and industry, trying to use bacterial genomic sequence to predict which antibiotics would be … Continue reading

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Maybe We Need To Remind Patients That Antibiotics Are Chemotherapy

After all, two of the leading journals about antibiotic resistance do have chemotherapy in the title. One reason, I think, many people who try to get antibiotics from their doctors for problems that don’t call for an antibiotic is the … Continue reading

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