Links 1/29/13

Links for you. Science:

Why Google Flu Trends Will Not Replace the CDC Anytime Soon
Antibiotic-resistant diseases pose ‘apocalyptic’ threat, top expert says: Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies tells MPs issue should be added to national risk register of civil emergencies
Glassfrogs: translucent skin, green bones, arm spines
Why I’m not sure that psychiatric medications work
News of genes for: the latest examples—and further reflections on why we persist in believing in them


Before Abortion Was Legal
Piecemeal (excellent)
How much military is enough? (must-read)
Blog flamewar winds up in federal court
Note To People In Stairwells In North America: Keep To The Fucken Right, Asshole
Keep the Home Covering Fire Blasting
The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
Can Israel’s Non-Right Ever Win?
Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House
When Universities Sell Art: The Case of Columbia’s Rembrandt
Obama’s daring liberal agenda is neither daring nor liberal. Discuss.
Why Government Spending Is Not Out of Control
From Welfare Queens to Disabled Deadbeats (the Republicans are running into problems as they turn on more and more white Americans)
Obama was lip-synching too

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