Links 9/22/23

Links for you. Science:

Intra- vs. inter-host evolution of SARS-CoV-2 driven by uncorrelated selection -The evolution thwarted (important and neato)
Two Artificial Tears Outbreak-Associated Cases of Extensively Drug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Detected Through Whole Genome Sequencing–Based Surveillance
The Overlooked Danger That’s Massacring Wildlife: A new book argues that there’s nothing worse for wild animals than cars.
‘Crossings’ explores the science of road ecology
Recruitment of a Middling Promiscuous Enzyme Drives Adaptive Metabolic Evolution in Escherichia coli
Genomic Mysteries of Giant Bacteria: Insights and Implications


Her students reported her for a lesson on race. Can she trust them again? Mary Wood’s school reprimanded her for teaching a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Now she hopes her bond with students can survive South Carolina’s politics. (must-read)
I Was Attacked by Trump and Musk. It Was a Strategy to Change What You See Online. (also must-read)
The GOP wants to impeach Biden for ‘corruption’? Don’t make me laugh. (not impeaching Trump on the emoluments clause was so stupid)
Peter Baker For The Defense
Non-White Americans are much more confident in democracy
Washington Metro’s Fast-Moving, Hard-Charging Transit Chief
I’ve always loved tech. Now, I’m a Luddite. You should be one, too.
How Neighbors Got NYPD to Stop Parking on a School Sidewalk After 40 Years
Paper checks are dead. Cash is dying. Who still uses them?
There’s Only One Way to Interview Donald Trump: And it’s not whatever Kristen Welker did over the weekend.
Cop Cities in a Militarized World
UAW justifies wage demands by pointing to CEO pay raises. So how high were they?
The ‘Biden Aliases’: How The GOP’s Scandalmongering Inspired An Armed Protest
An Intellectual and a Moral Failure: Richard Hanania’s new book is a Trojan horse for white supremacy.
Trump Celebrates Rosh Hashanah With Anti-Semitic Warning To ‘Liberal Jews’
What I Most Regret About My Decades of Legal Activism: By focusing on civil liberties but ignoring economic issues, liberals like me got defeated on both.
Some Democrats Are Trying to Preemptively Outlaw a Billionaire Tax
Ultra-wealthy people are working remotely from their superyachts and running their businesses from the high seas (back to the office, proles!)
Trump and Musk mark Rosh Hashanah with antisemitism
What Happens When Wall Street Buys Most of the Homes on Your Block?
Marc Benioff drops a bomb after calling Salesforce workers back to their desks: ‘I don’t work well in an office—it just doesn’t work with my personality’ (back to the office proles!)
The Most Interesting Element of the Hunter Biden Indictment
As Virginia Gears Up For Elections, High School Sexual Assaults In Loudoun Dominate News
Three reasons Biden’s problems appear to be overblown
The CDC wants your trust back: It’ll ‘take time to rebuild.’: The CDC’s new director is traveling the country, meeting with state leaders and using social media to win back the public’s trust. (CDC Director Cohen could start by wearing a mask indoors)
Exposing the Dangers of Predatory Abortion Studies: MDPI Redefines Predatory Publishing
The Saudi-Russian (Trumpy) Alliance

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Links 9/21/23

Links for you. Science:

What turns an ant into a soldier or a forager? It may be all in their heads
Abandoned Apollo 17 lunar lander module is causing tremors on the moon
Supporting nonlinear careers to diversify science
This Gecko’s Camouflage Is So Good, It Masqueraded as Another Species
Reversions mask the contribution of adaptive evolution in microbiomes
Eating an elephant, one bite at a time: Predator interactions at carrion bonanzas (note the part about the hippo…)


Catch Us if You Can: The mysterious firing of Amazon’s most ruthless union-buster from his new job underscores the monopoly’s insidious stranglehold over shopping.
Under Musk, Twitter is handing over more data to investigators
Half a Million California Workers Get a Raise—and a Seat at the Table
Businesses keep complaining about shoplifting, but wage theft is a bigger crime
Full Employment For Friends And Family
How I stay reasonably anonymous online
Elon Musk Stormed Into the Tesla Office Furious That Autopilot Tried to Kill Him
On one of Vermont’s most idyllic roads, fed-up locals say no more to the leaf peepers. Residents convinced their town to close the road for three weeks at the height of foliage season to prevent social media-inspired tourists from clogging it.
Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley hospitalized for pneumonia as wife mentions risk of heart failure
On tony Martha’s Vineyard, a center of Black political power grows
Adele Makes Huge Changes to Las Vegas Residency Shows Due to COVID-19 After Her Friends and Crew Started ‘Dropping Like Flies’
Dana-Farber blindsided Brigham and Women’s. The blowback will be strong.
Strikes and Bidenomics: The White House is trying to sell ‘Bidenomics,’ but poll after poll shows that the public is extremely unhappy with the economy. What does the public see that the bureaucrats don’t?
The Court’s Conservative Constitutional Revolution
The Moderately Skilled Person’s Guide to Making a Bluesky Feed
The Foo Fighters’ AIDS denialism should be on the record
The Treacherous Allure of the “Polarization” Dogma
My Mom Gets Her News From Someplace Even Worse Than Fox. I know everyone’s tired of worrying about people like her. I am, too.
A Trad Deal: Tradwife life encourages women to leave the public sphere for domestic fantasies. It is also, a series of recent articles suggests, a total financial scam.
President of Powerful Realtors Group Is Accused of Sexual Harassment (everybody back to the office!)
Study shows ‘long COVID’ likely to cause mass misery if treatments can’t be developed
Texas Republicans put Ken Paxton above the law: Paxton’s acquittal confirms that Republicans believe a man with the right politics cannot break the law.
Preaching To The Choir: On echo chambers, persuasion, Mitt Romney, “wise Republicans,” salad bars, and the chronically shirked responsibility for changing our own minds.
They Are Still With Him: Conservative elites lack the courage and will to use their influence to oppose Trump, and that is why he remains a force in American politics.
Why Does Thom Tillis Love Junk Fees?

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Biden Administration to Supply More Free COVID Antigen Tests

The good news is Monday, September 25, you can go to and request four free tests. While I would like to see a much larger program, along with free N95 masks, it’s something at least. One reason the Biden administration is doing this is because they want to keep production lines rolling so test manufacturers don’t go out of business.

That said, they also must realize that the soft denial of reality just isn’t going to work–and now that federal public health officials are admitting that long COVID is a real, quantifiable problem, they have to do something besides encouraging vaccination.

The other thing to note is, if the demand is there, they might do a second round of requests, so stick the site in a bookmark and request your tests

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Links 9/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Spored to Death
Measles was once seen as a childhood disease. Increasingly, adults are susceptible, too
The secret life of dolphins: What 50 years of research is uncovering in Sarasota Bay. An exclusive look into the world’s longest-running dolphin research program
It’s time to close the gene synthesis loophole that could lead to a human-made pandemic. Congress is grappling with the security concerns of the DNA synthesis revolution.
The Multiplicative Power of Masks
COVID Omicron carries 4 times the risk of death as flu, new data show


Instead of Just Policing Misinformation, How About Real Public Health Campaigns?
COVID levels are so high, they’re hovering near 2020’s initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on
How naive I was: Nearly 3,000 dead Americans used to mean something.
Go North: For a livable future, look to the Upper Midwest
Democrats Need to Have an Honest Talk About White People: The party needs a sober, empirically grounded analysis of what we really know—and don’t know—about how best to expand support among white voters.
Bashing covid boosters, DeSantis contrasts with Trump and worries experts (MURDEROUS MEATBALL!)
James Ho Wants to Be the Next Clarence Thomas
From HVAC to pests, D.C. schools are still waiting on crucial repairs: The Department of General Services, which is responsible for maintaining school buildings, said crews are working “as hard as possible” (Bowser is so incompetent)
Alabama Public Library Service Votes To Create A List Of Books To Potentially Ban
Mitt Romney’s Lonely Exit: The former GOP presidential nominee is now a pariah in his own party.
‘A big vision’: Proposal for drug rehab and homeless shelter in Franklin Park prompts clash of progressive values
Inside The Cottage Industry Of ‘Experts’ Paid To Defend Anti-Trans Laws
Most Bostonians know little about the man for whom Faneuil Hall is named, who enriched himself by trafficking in human beings. Should knowing that history change the way the city remembers him?
The Octopus Abattoir Must be Stopped
Antisemites have a ‘captive audience’ in Musk
Ken Griffin’s Secret War on ‘Dumb Money’
I Beg You To Remember That The Electoral College Exists
Inside the Fall of S.B.F.’s Big Cool Buddy
Exposing the Many Layers of Injustice In the US Criminal Punishment System
The Hunter Manhunt: A candid conversation with former Biden administration official Michael LaRosa about Huntergate, the White House, and the messaging wars.
Scenes From the End of the Sexual Revolution
The perversity of obsessing over Biden’s electability (I’m not sure what to make of this, since I’m at a loss to understand Biden’s COVID successes)
Biden’s Age, Trump Crimes and the Media’s False Equivalence (this is correct, but Biden–or his surrogates–failing to attack Trump has created this)
Big money ruins everything+pronatalism’s fake apocalypse
French ski resort closes permanently because there’s not enough snow
I Have a Pretty Good Idea Why Michael Oher Is Angry
Take (Her) to the Limit: Term Limits do Not Diminish Women’s Overperformance in Legislative Office

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COVID and Economic Pessimism

Economist Claudia Sahm, both at Substack and Bloomberg, makes the argument that COVID is to blame for poor consumer sentiment. From Bloomberg:

Lots of reasons have been given for the gloominess, including political partisanship, the media’s focus on negative news stories and bad “vibes” in general. There’s another, less talked about but more likely explanation for the disconnect: Covid-19 itself. The timing is clear, sentiment plunged at the start of the pandemic but failed to rebound when the economy re-opened and snapped back. In terms of sentiment, the pandemic caused a sudden increase in pessimism that hasn’t gone away…

The question is, how long will this Covid-19 pessimism last? Prominent economic disruptions in the pandemic, like global supply chains and labor shortages, are basically back to normal. But that’s the economics. Sentiment has a broader lens, and so far the extra pessimism from the pandemic persists. And with Covid-19 cases rising once again, it may not end anytime soon.

I don’t think this can be downplayed at all. While a disproportionate amount of attention is paid to the fraction of U.S.-ians who are full-out COVID minimizers, they’re not the majority. Many people are either taking COVID precautions, or suspect they should be, but aren’t because ‘people aren’t doing that anymore.’ For these two groups respectively, COVID is just something they have to deal with or something lurking in the background, but which isn’t going away.

To put this another way: if a vaccine that conferred broad, highly effective immunity to COVID and which essentially made long COVID an incredibly rare event were released, does anyone doubt that various indices of consumer sentiment would improve (at least for a few months)? Of course they would. If nothing else, a subset of people would feel more comfortable consuming things (dining in restaurants, going to theaters, traveling).

So, despite former COVID czar and current White House Chief of Staff Zients’ belief (and arguably Biden’s belief too) that the pandemic is best not dealt with directly, if they want things like consumer sentiment to increase, then they must take COVID head on* and make it safer. Otherwise, the general crankyness will continue…

*Why they pissed away over a year to get research on the second generation of vaccines mobilized escapes me. It’s not just political malpractice, it’s horrible policy.

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Links 9/19/23

Links for you. Science:

COVID-19: A New Disease Paradigm. What if SARS-CoV-2 continues to infect us even after the initial symptoms fade? (this should be viewed as a hypothesis to be tested, not as a well-substantiated explanation; there are a lot of implicit ‘if’ statements, but still worth considering)
Multiple evolutionary pathways lead to vancomycin resistance in Clostridioides difficile
A spike in N.B. heart and stroke deaths in 2021 cited as COVID’s handiwork
The role of gender and coauthors in academic publication behavior (in economics)
South America’s 2023 Flu Vaccines Cut Risk of Flu Hospitalizations by About Half
Long COVID remains common even as pandemic eases, data show (you’ll notice I fixed an awful headline)


Why an auto workers strike should have your support
Does Ron DeSantis even believe his dangerous B.S. about COVID vaccines? (as bad as Biden and Zients have been on COVID, Republicans will be worse)
The Young Conservatives Trying to Make Eugenics Respectable Again: The pseudoscience of race provides both a justification of hierarchies and an enemy to rail against.
Librarians Didn’t Sign Up to Be Queer Activists—but This Year, They Are
Lies, Damned Lies, and Social-Media Metrics: Those view counts on Twitter, TikTok, and Netflix? Be skeptical.
Land Ho: The tradwife is pioneer burlesque
With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways
Perhaps Wisconsin Republicans Could Use a Fresh Copy of the Constitution
A member of the secret panel studying Wisconsin Supreme Court justice’s impeachment backed her rival
Ron DeSantis Is Making a Magnificent Effort to Protect Voters from Health
There’s a Word for Blaming Jews for Anti-Semitism. Elon Musk’s conceit that Jews cause themselves to be persecuted is as old as anti-Jewish bigotry itself.
The Biden Administration Is Making It Easier To Get Government Benefits: The effort to reduce the “time tax” spent on accessing government benefits aims to make them more accessible and reduce inequality.
A Politician, a Lawyer, and a Management Consultant Walk Into a University….
How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook (paper here)
Trump-aligned group publishes plan for ‘biblically based’ government
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s ‘mystery man’ is a Democrat who owns a Colorado bar
Eric Adams Is Handing Republicans a Flamethrower for 2024. Again.
How Do You Spell Relief? After an FDA finding that a popular decongestant is worthless, Biden could direct that agency to fast-track approval of a miracle drug for colds used all over the world.
Facebook’s policy on anti-COVID vaccine content didn’t stop users from finding it
Bruce Lee’s “Warrior,” and the Politics of Kung Fu
The true story of the fake unboxed aliens is wilder than actual aliens
The case against Hunter Biden: Republicans dissatisfied because it isn’t political — it’s personal
Term limits would upend Congress as we know it
Cop City and the Silencing of Dissent
A Pride flag ban sparks accusations of betrayal in tiny Michigan city
Democrats Need to Grow a Spine and Actually Fight for the Courts

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Housing and Economic Anxiety

Ned Resnikoff makes a very important point about the Hollywood strikes (boldface mine):

But one of the most important background conditions for these two strikes is the housing crisis. As labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein recently noted, dizzying housing costs in Southern California have fueled a wave of labor actions that spans industries, from film writers to teachers to hotel workers. Besides Los Angeles, the other major epicenter for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes is New York, which is similarly reeling from the effects of crushing rent inflation.

Writers and actors in the film and television industry have the advantage of organization: They can collectively withhold their labor until studio bosses agree to pay them enough to live in New York and Los Angeles. But artists, like American workers overall, are mostly not unionized. They either practice their craft at a net loss or on the thinnest of margins. The housing crisis has devastated that margin.

In the case of Nic Dyer, a painter who got their start in Baltimore, it has meant the difference between integrating into the New York art world and lingering on the outskirts. Dyer, who uses they/them pronouns, lives more than two miles upstate from the city in Hillsdale, a small town near Hudson. Their rent is $900 per month—a stretch, but far more doable than what they would be paying in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The trade-off is that they’re far removed from any sort of cohesive artistic community. And that has impacted both their art and their earnings…

This is the story that poet and proto–punk rocker Patti Smith tells in Just Kids, her memoir about her friendship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. One memorable chapter describes renting a room in the Hotel Chelsea, a fixture of the west side of lower Manhattan, and notes that rent was $55 per month. Even adjusted to 2023 dollars, that’s cheap.

This also happened to be one of the most creatively fecund periods in the city’s history. The scene surrounding punk club CBGB was an artistic explosion unto itself, giving us the Talking Heads, The Ramones, Blondie, and Television. Meanwhile, in the same year that CBGB opened its doors, the Bronx was giving birth to hip-hop.

If New York rents back then had been three or four times higher, we probably would have received only a fraction of that extraordinary musical bounty. In fact, we don’t need counterfactuals to see how higher rents would have killed the city’s alternative music scene: Just look at what happened after the New York indie rock boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s. That was the period when The Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, and LCD Soundsystem first emerged. (Granted, The Strokes were prep school kids.) But by the mid-2000s, the New York scene was losing its preeminence as rising housing costs locked out young musicians.

I would add that it wasn’t just the period of the indie rock boom that was enabled by low housing prices, but the music of the decade before that was too. If you don’t have to give most of your earnings to your landlord, you can get by. It’s not awesome, but you can do it. Once that went away, it became much harder for professions that are economically marginal (though culturally vital) to live in urban areas. High housing prices are also why we saw graduate students strikes in the University of California system:

If my housing costs were double what they were (which adjusted for inflation is what they are–thanks for the information internet!), I don’t see how I could have completed graduate school without going into debt–and that was with roommates. I also remember when I was a post-doc, both the post-docs and graduate students informally organized to get higher wages–and amazingly won*–because they (we) couldn’t afford housing costs (this was a case of a university in an affluent suburban area that didn’t have enough apartments–and the community refused to build more). This also is not a new problem because this was literally decades ago.

I’m not big on the whole ‘Age Cohort Wars’, but I do think many of us not-youngs need to remember how critical affordable, if not always awesome, housing was to a decent quality of life.

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Links 9/18/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Say You’re Looking for Alien Civilizations All Wrong
Wolf vs Coyote: Was that a huge coyote you saw—or could it have been a wolf? Here’s everything you need to know to tell these wild canines apart
Immune Evasion, Infectivity, and Fusogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2.86 and FLip Variants
Asgard archaea defense systems and their roles in the origin of immunity in eukaryotes
Growth phase estimation for abundant bacterial populations sampled longitudinally from human stool metagenomes
Genetic variant may help explain why Labradors are prone to obesity (name the locus CHONK)


The Conservative Censorship Campaign Reaches Its Natural Conclusion
Metro delays full switch to automated trains until next year
California healthcare industry had highest COVID-19 death rate of all occupations early in pandemic
Outflanked by liberals, Oregon conservatives aim to become part of Idaho. Much of conservative eastern Oregon wants to be part of Idaho, and a push to shift an old border is underway
A lighter, curved plate: first body armour for women showcased in Kyiv (not pink tho)
Here’s who controls D.C.’s Union Station and why that could change
The Stealth Attack on the Power to Tax: The Supreme Court could overturn a well-established form of federal taxation.
A Major Criminal Justice Reform Law Forced Police to Collect More Data. But the D.C. Auditor Says No One’s Doing Much With It.
Addressing Gun, Traffic Violence: What We’re Watching At The D.C. Council This Fall
As 2024 Looms, Neo-Nazis Are Returning to the Streets
The Tyranny of the Marginal User: why consumer software gets worse, not better, over time
DC Housing Authority Board Taps D.C. Native, Former Barry Farm Resident To Run Agency
Impeachment Scam: What You Need to Know. The GOP is hoping to use impeachment and a broken info environment to damage Biden.
Adorable Little Detonators Our friendship survived bad dates, illness, marriage, fights. Why can’t it survive your baby?
We Are Not Just Polarized. We Are Traumatized.
Biden Administration Aims to Trump-Proof the Federal Work Force
Return of ‘insane’ NYC traffic making commuters crazy: ‘There’s no point in driving’ (but no need for a congestion tax something something)
Enough with the Mitt Romney adulation! The GOP hasn’t been a serious “policy” party in decades
Farmed Out
Even Lauren Boebert knows a phony Biden impeachment will backfire — why the GOP will do it anyway
Explore How Income Influences Attendance at 139 Top Colleges
Microsoft Publishes Garbled AI Article Calling Tragically Deceased NBA Player “Useless”
The heads-I-win, tails-you-lose democracy
There Are Now Tests That Can Detect If Someone Took Abortion Pills
When your parents go the full 1/6
B.C. hospital sees fast spread of COVID-19, but no outbreak declared due to ‘negative connotations’: Health authority instead using ‘enhanced measures’ for infection control such as masking and extra cleaning

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A New COVID Normal for D.C.?

After a few weeks of data, it looks like D.C. (and neighborhood Alexandria, VA) have hit a plateau in terms of COVID wastewater concentrations. The good news is we had a decline last week. The bad news is the new normal is about 5.5 times higher than it was in mid-June three months ago. Here’s D.C.:

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 9.55.03 AM

Here’s Alexandria, VA:

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 9.54.42 AM

For context, the maximal concentrations for Alexandria and D.C. during the January 2023 peak were 1,306 and 1,222 respectively, while the current values are 676 and 542 respectively, so we’re at 45-50% of the January peak. That possibly* translates into about 1.0-1.5% of people who are currently infected.

Hopefully, this is a leveling off, leading to a decline, and perhaps the new boosters will help hasten that decline. But for now, masking indoors should be the new normal. Getting an infection, which in a small percentage of people (less than five percent), leads to months of debilitating illness, in some cases permanent disability, is something worth avoiding. You still aren’t the weirdo if you’re trying to avoid (re)infection.

*D.C. didn’t do a COVID testathon in August, so it’s hard to benchmark the data at this point. Without a sentinel surveillance system of hospital asymptomatic and symptomatic intake data, we’re flying blind.

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Links 9/17/23

Links for you. Science:

Humoral immunity to an endemic coronavirus is associated with postacute sequelae of COVID-19 in individuals with rheumatic diseases
P-DOR, an easy-to-use pipeline to reconstruct bacterial outbreaks using genomics
Ian Wilmut, Scientist Behind Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Is Dead at 79
Sharing Is Caring: International Sharing of Data Enhances Genomic Surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes (an oldie, but a goldie!)
Criticism builds against Ph.D. careers firm Cheeky Scientist
Temperature, phenology, and plant defenses predict fitness near colder range limit


The Nordic Way of Freedom: Liberty isn’t when every jerk gets to inconvenience everyone else.
DeSantis discourages latest covid boosters, contradicting federal guidance (MURDEROUS MEATBALL!)
The Decoy Didn’t Distract Them
Bizarre AI-generated products are in stores. Here’s how to avoid them.
NLRB Complaint Calls a Noncompete Agreement an Unfair Labor Practice (this is serfdom)
Bill that could allow Commanders stadium at RFK will get first hearings
The Poverty Yo-Yo: New Census Bureau statistics show that abandoning the successful anti-poverty interventions of the pandemic has put the nation right back where it started.
Wisconsin Republicans vote to fire elections director, who may not leave the job
Advocate for keeping masks in healthcare settings followed, harassed, and hit by a car after testifying at the LA County Public Health Commission meeting
How the ‘MAGA doom loop’ is already threatening Trump’s 2024 chances
Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski have been having a years-long clandestine affair
Culinary Crimes
Pentagon-Funded Study Warns Dementia Among U.S. Officials Poses National Security Threat
What Does America Owe the Victims of Racial Terrorism?
Daisy had other plans
Bill Maher’s show is about to get even less funny
Oh, Jeez, What Did Hunter Biden Do Now? Brace up for a year in which Hunter Biden is cast in the drama as a naked, gun-toting junkie in the employ of his father.
Joe Manchin, facing likely defeat, looks for other ways to screw over Democrats
X repeatedly told us that users who posted “Hitler was right” and urged a “final solution” for Jewish people didn’t break “our safety policies”
Automaker CEO Elon Musk Strips UAW Twitter Verification as Union Strikes Against Big Three (how does this not make him an editor or publisher?)
What happened to the Breeders? With ‘Last Splash’ 30 years ago, they seemed like rock’s post-Nirvana future. Now touring again, the band better understands how they fell apart — and how to keep it together.
How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Elite Parents Enabled His Crypto Empire. Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, both renowned Stanford scholars, opened doors for their son and provided a halo effect for his company.
How often do men think about ancient Rome? Quite frequently, it seems. (I don’t think about ancient Rome very often tho)
The psychology of the gerontocracy
Kevin McCarthy secures Trump’s payback — but at what cost?
GOP-led Wisconsin Senate votes to fire nonpartisan official amid persistent lies about 2020 election

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