“He Knew What He Signed Up For”

Yes, Il Trumpe actually said that to a grieving war widow. First, it just shows that Trump isn’t just a narcissist, but that he, due to his wealth and privilege, has not had to hide his narcissism for a very long time (and he also created an environment which encouraged his narcissism). Like many of Trump’s utterances, this is designed largely for his consumption, to validate his own sense of well-being: he says this, so it’s not his fault.

Second, we need to stop fighting all of our wars. We’ve reached the point where traditional college seniors have no recollection of what it’s like for the U.S. not to be in multiple combat theaters (or even one). Our constant state of war is incredibly harmful in so many ways, and those of us (including me) who remember when we weren’t at constant deployment need need to do more to remind people of this.

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How Much Ruin In A Nation: Bush Was As Awful As Il Trumpe, Just No One Cared

There has been a spate of ‘how awful everything is under the reign of Il Trumpe‘ articles. And things are pretty crappy. But things were really awful under Bush 43 too. Katrina was horrible, not just in terms of the death toll, but also in the overt racism evinced by so many Americans–story after story of desperate black Louisianans being told to move along, often at gun point. There was no dog whistling. And Little Lord Pontchartrain did nothing, even to speak out.

Also there was that Iraq War you might have heard of which led to this:

While I agree Trump is doing this, normalizing the abnormal started well before Trump even considered running. If Trump would be Caesar, then the open advocacy of torture by most Republicans was Sulla (though #NotAllRepublicans and, shamefully, there was the tacit acquiescence of some Democrats).

For once you have decided that the mutilation and violation of other people is openly acceptable state policy, you have hit rock bottom. You can not fall any further. While I’m not naive about what the U.S. has done (especially in ‘outsourcing’ torture), it was never publicly acclaimed as a right and just action. Time was, in popular culture, torturers were viewed as evil, not as heroes ‘doing what needs to be done.’

…There is an entire cohort of conservatives (and, yes, some Democrats as well) who have no business being anywhere near public life due to their support for torture (and we should include on that list, Very Serious Pundits who excused such behavior). Likewise, we need to remember that many people openly embraced–and still do embrace–torture.

In a sense, it’s remarkable that it took the Republican Party this long to nominate someone like Trump: the moral rot had set in long before 2015.

The problem isn’t just Trump, it’s that we’ve had a quarter century decline, if not collapse, in many U.S. institutions and much of our political leadership. As Corey Robin (and others) has noted repeatedly, Trump isn’t getting much done, but at this point, he really doesn’t have to–we’re really far gone.

As Adam Smith wrote, there is a great deal of ruin in a nation, but just how much more ruin does the U.S. have left in it? That’s the danger of Il Trumpe.

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Links 10/17/17

Links for you. Science:

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Big Buggy

Observed at the H Street Festival, D.C.:

Big buggy

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Puerto Rico And Power

And I’m not referring to electricity. Paul Krugman writes a very good column about Trump’s neglect of our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico:

The situation in Iowa remains horrifying. More than a third of the population has been without clean water for three weeks, and waterborne diseases appear to be spreading. Only a sixth of the population has electricity. The health care system is a shambles, and sheer hunger may be a problem in some remote areas.

Fortunately, the federal government is going all out to aid its citizens in distress. The president is making disaster relief a top priority, while praising the often heroic efforts of Iowa residents to help themselves. And generous aid, he promises, will continue as long as it’s needed.

O.K., I lied. The dire situation I just described is in Puerto Rico, not Iowa (which happens to have just about the same number of U.S. citizens). And my upbeat portrayal of the federal response — which is how things might have played out if this nightmare were, in fact, in Iowa — is the opposite of the truth. What we’re actually witnessing, in effect, is the betrayal and abandonment of three and a half million of our own people.

And Krugman is right that part of this betrayal stems from Il Trumpe’s bigotry–many New Yorkers of a certain age blamed all sorts of problems on ‘Puerto Ricans’ (which was the catch-all term for anyone who spoke Spanish).

But Krugman neglects one key difference between Iowa and Puerto Rico–political power:

If Puerto Rico had two voting senators–who could do something like threaten to shut down the entire Senate until their state receives assistance–they would already be receiving help. Right now, Republicans are desperate to pass a destroy-healthcare bill, so they would just shovel money at them to make them go away.

This ends today’s lesson in the consequences of the absence of democracy.

Bigotry aside (though it shouldn’t be shunted aside), Puerto Rico would be getting a ton of assistance if it had two senators who could crater any legislation in the Senate (there are a variety of procedural moves a single senator can make–not just the filibuster–to bring Senate activity to a grinding halt. Two can be even more difficult).

This is nothing new: from 1998 to 2007, Congress prevented D.C.–which, like Puerto Rico, also has no meaningful Congressional representation–from implementing a needle exchange program, which resulted in over 1,000 preventable HIV cases–back when HIV often was a death sentence. If D.C. had two senators, that wouldn’t have happened either.

Political power can accomplish a lot, even in the face of bigotry. But bigotry in the absence of political power is lethal.

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Links 10/16/17

Links for you. Science:

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Republican Congressman Brought Holocaust Denier To Capitol Meeting
Donald Trump’s Fake Renoir: The Untold Story
The Puzzle Of Reparations In An Extremely Unequal Society
An intern at the Trump campaign data firm, Cambridge Analytica, appears to have left sensitive voter targeting tools online for nearly a year (left online or ‘left online, wink, wink’?)
It’s Not Legal to Get an Abortion Online, But Maybe It Should Be
Building a movement
Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico. (and why weren’t Democrats getting her to vote?)
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One Way Sunflower

Observed at the corner of 10th and O Streets NW, Shaw, D.C.:

Street sunflower

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