A Well Regulated Vagina, Being Necessary to the Security of a Free State

This is one of those ‘what would you say if you saw it in other countries’ thingees (boldface mine):

You may remember that back in October I told you about how Florida schools were requiring female student athletes to report information about their periods to school administrators—something that obviously takes on increased significance these days. Well, after an outcry, the Florida High School Athletics Association has stood by its decision that female students turn in information about their menstruation—including when they got their first period, how many days are typically in between their periods and the date of their most recent period. Most troubling is that while other states collect similar data for student athletes, that information is not turned into schools, but kept private with their doctors. This decision, however, will have students turn in all that information about their periods to the schools directly.

If this were several other countries, we would know what to call this. Parts of the U.S. have a morality police, and, despite the claims of well-heeled Substack Bois worried about ‘wokeism’, it’s not the Democrats (for all their other sins).

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