Links 2/6/23

Links for you. Science:

Antibiotic Adjuvants for Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance
What time is it on the Moon?
Unreported SARS-CoV-2 Home Testing and Test Positivity
This mutant Venus flytrap mysteriously lost its ability to “count” to 5
DengueSeq: A pan-serotype whole genome amplicon sequencing protocol for dengue virus
Rome’s starlings create a stunning spectacle. And a huge mess.


‘There Is a Real Sense That the Apocalypse Is Coming’: A former evangelical tracks the rise of white Christian nationalism — and looks ahead to where the movement goes next.
Nobody Cares About The Deficit, And Democrats Should Shut Up About It. Spend What Is Needed To Make Lives Better
Swamplandia: The money behind Ron DeSantis’s populist façade
Inside the Slow Implosion of the Democratic Party’s Vaunted Campaign Tech Firm
Twitter Has No Answers for #DiedSuddenly: The latest anti-vaccine conspiracy theory is taking off easily on platforms that have no interest in shutting it down.
Academic freedom and adjunct instructors who aren’t so free to speak
Musician Expertly Dissects Everything Wrong With Ticketmaster In 2 Minutes
Tyre Nichols and the culture of toxic policing
LA’s Grand Experiment in UBI
Lapses persist for Capitol Hill panic buttons two years after insurrection
Why It’s Okay for Progressives to Enjoy Sam Bankman-Fried’s Downfall
Boston has never elected a Black mayor. A quiet experiment could change that.
Republicans Are Trapped by Their Party’s Anti-Abortion Extremism
South Station is giving homeless people the cold shoulder
8 Can’t Wait
The police killing in Memphis is a reminder we must change policing
Bolsonaro’s Long Shadow
Tyre Nichols video shows policing must be done with a community — not to it
Californians to vote on overturning a new law that could raise fast-food worker wages
New study reveals rampant conflicts of interest at think tanks
PEPFAR has made so much progress against AIDS. We can’t let up now.
Tom Verlaine, Influential Guitarist and Songwriter, Dies at 73
Scott Rolen doesn’t seem like a Hall of Famer. Maybe that’s my fault.
PROFILE: Leana Wen
A four-day workweek in Maryland? Maybe. Bill would set up a pilot program. Companies would receive a state tax credit if they participate. Employees would work 32 hours, get paid for 40 hours.

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