Saturday Links

It’s a slushy Saturday. That means lots of time to read links. Science:
Don’t Become a Scientist!
They really do hate us: “small dog” haplotype from the Middle East
A Look into Obesity and Gut Microbiota
Splash Down: Pacific Biosciences Unveils Third-Generation Sequencing Machine
Anthrax Case Closing Challenged
Pacific Biosciences introduces new third-generation sequencing instrument at AGBT
The Scientific Communication Messiah has arrived!
Mass Transit is As American as Apple Pie
The copyright mafia makes me scream (again)
A banker’s perspective of the Greece derivatives debt dodge
On spending, conservatives are quite conflicted
Animal Rights Terrorists Target Children
PowerPoint disease
Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killers
America’s Future: My Baseline Scenario
The Meaning Of Newsweek’s “Terrorism Debate”
The myth of the “liberal” Washington Post opinion pages
The End of the Tea Party: Right-wing populist fads catch our attention — but they burn out quickly.

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3 Responses to Saturday Links

  1. SLC says:

    Re Chris Mooney
    A number of bloggers are having a fine old time making fun of Mr. Mooney, which I am sure will cause him to cry all the way to the bank. His post on the subject on his blog has also drawn some heavy snark.

  2. Welsh is a fucking downer!

  3. Chris says:

    Re: “Don’t Become a Scientist”
    Its a nice rant, and I totally agree…. But. As a grad student at WUSTL (where Johnathan Katz remains employed), I feel like its my duty to point out that the man is certifiably insane.
    You can see his other writing here:
    Among his other beliefs?
    a) global warming is real, but good for us
    b) girls are bad at da scientizms because they have small lady-brains
    c) homophobia is cool, because da geighs spread the AIDses.
    d) bomb, bomb, bomb away
    etc.. so… just FYI. dude is a rabble rouser with dubious political and social beliefs.

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