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Michael Bloomberg and Lead Poisoning

Maybe he’s not the gifted politician he believes he is (boldface mine): The Harlem mother had spent a decade crusading against landlords whose neglect of lead paint hazards had poisoned thousands of kids, including her youngest son. Michael Bloomberg, the … Continue reading

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Pharmacies Need to Be Part of Fighting Influenza

And right now, they aren’t (boldface mine): When adults want a flu shot, they have two choices: go to the doctor or go to a pharmacy. But in most states, laws prevent parents from just walking into a pharmacy and … Continue reading

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The Politics of Mortality

JAMA recently published a paper about the increase in mortality among 25-64 year olds in the U.S.–and it’s not just for white people anymore! Snark aside, it’s not good (boldface mine): Despite spending more on health care than any other … Continue reading

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Facebook Is a Conservative News Organization: The PreP Edition

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Facebook should be thought of as a conservative publication–the editorial decisions are rightwing, as Jacob Silverman has noted (boldface mine): If it’s not clear already, then it must be said: Facebook is a right-wing company, … Continue reading

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A Single Healthcare System Internalizes Costs that Corporations Would Like to Externalize

And that’s a good thing. This is a really good point I haven’t seen mentioned much in discussions of healthcare insurance funding (boldface mine): We need universal health care because we cannot sue enough companies to pay for all of … Continue reading

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No One Could Have Predicted Closing a Needle Exchange Would Cause a Hepatitis C Outbreak

Actually, everyone would have predicted this (boldface mine): A new case of hepatitis C was reported nearly every eight hours in Kanawha County [West Virginia] last year. The number of men and women diagnosed in 2018 with the infectious disease … Continue reading

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Trump Is Bad for Your Health

At least if you’re a fetus in a Latina in the U.S. (boldface mine): Design, Setting, and Participants In this national population-based study, an interrupted time series design, used to evaluate whether policies or other population-level changes interrupt a trend … Continue reading

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