Pollsters Never Answer the Interesting Questions

Recently, YouGov conducted a poll about what kinds of development Americans support locally and nationally. The good news is sixty-five percent of Americans think their local community should have more apartment buildings. They then argue that politicians should be more supportive of housing density and so on.

But the pollsters didn’t address the question asked by the very last line in this figure:


It is interesting to note that thirteen percent of Republicans think we need more strip clubs, while thirty two percent of Democrats think there should be more strip clubs.

I want a ton of NY Times ‘man (or woman!) in the diner’ interviews with the one quarter of Americans who think their local community needs more strip clubs. That would be absolutely fascinating, though perhaps in a ‘watching NASCAR for the crashes’ kind of way.


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3 Responses to Pollsters Never Answer the Interesting Questions

  1. afeman says:

    Country clubs, between casinos and strip clubs

  2. Mike says:

    The top 10-15 have a NIMBY feel to them as people like the idea of them but would not want one in their neighborhood.

  3. sciencelizard says:

    IF strip clubs THEN less feel like town rolls up the sidewalks at 10pm? If so, I might be in favor…

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