The Snowzzies Are Here!

No, that’s not a cutesy name for cold-weather meteorological phenomena. The Snowzzies are awards for people who engaged in disservice in public health, as selected by Peste Magazine’s experts. While not as prestigious as the Mad Biologist’s Award for Unintentional Contributions in Public Health–the first recipient was former Biden administration spokesperson, Jen Psaki, who made considerable, yet unintentional, contributions towards the distribution of free, at-home COVID testing–I would still like to congratulate all of the Snowzzy (Snowzzie?) recipients for beign recognized as truly horrible people or institutions:

Achievement in Being the Center of the Universe: David Leonhardt (brutal)

Achievement in Public Health Disservice by a Non-Public Health Professional: Emily Oster (also brutal)

Dishonorable Mention for Public Health Disservice: Ron DeSantis

Achievement in Creative License in Public Health Communication: the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Achievement in Public Health Disservice by a Group or Organization: Stanford

Achievement in Public Health Disservice by a Group of Organization: UCSF

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