Links 12/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Emergence and antibody evasion of BQ and BA.2.75 SARS-CoV-2 sublineages in the face of maturing antibody breadth at the population level
Disruption in seasonality, patient characteristics and disparities of respiratory syncytial virus infection among young children in the US during and before the COVID-19 pandemic: 2010-2022
Now that the over seriousness over my offhand crack abut the h-index has settled down, time for my over seriousness. There are and will be points at your career where somebody will use it to evaluate you. It may have direct impact on getting a position or on the pay rate.
Same amount of long Covid symptoms following Omicron and Delta variants (paper here)
This Interactive Map Will Show You How Screwed You Are If We’re Hit by an Asteroid
For PASTEUR Act advocates, the finish line is in sight for antibiotic development aid


The Flu Is, Like, Bad
Long Covid is distorting the labor market — and that’s bad for the U.S. economy
Destroying Maya treasures to build a tourist train
Shadow-banning is good, actually. There should be more of it.
Republicans Are Out Of Touch With Urban And Suburban America
When coyotes attacked, a dog killed 8 of them, saving a flock of sheep
Is there anyone in the press corps who can recognize the bad faith in evangelical faith?
No Labels Movement Is Earning a Bad Name in Political Circles
The right’s definition of fascism is wrong: “Corporatism” is not what they think it is
What Makes Fascism Fascist?
New York Mayor’s Plan to Round Up Homeless People Is a Trauma-Inducing Horror
Gasoline is so, so cheap right now
The Georgetown Transformer Sculptures Stuck In A New Battle For The Fate Of, Well, Themselves
It sure seems like Elon Musk is purging left-leaning Twitter accounts
Leaked Senate report details Trump’s most surreal decision of pandemic
Doug Ducey’s shipping container ‘wall’ is a joke that’s causing real harm to protected animals
Inside the turbulent, doomed campaign of Herschel Walker
The Child Tax Credit is our greatest antipoverty program. Why is Congress letting it wither?
How to get ripped and alienate people: The self-help Right is a political wasteland
Why the Right Invented a Conservative Right to Post
Rich people who own newspapers can shift elections. Israel shows how.
Herschel Walker Is an American Tragedy
Blue Collar/White Collar: Reflections on The New School Strike

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