Links 11/12/17

Links for you. Science:

Mystery Surrounding Ancient City Build Atop Coral Reefs Leaves Scientists Baffled
The EPA Just Approved Lab-Grown Mosquitoes to Fight Disease
A Dying Boy Gets a New, Gene-Corrected Skin
Flu Vaccine “Factories” Create Errors That Reduce Protection
A new analysis of 4-year-old data shows the EPA is ignoring a lot of toxins in US drinking water


Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture
Georgia Man Was Killed for ‘Socializing With White Woman,’ Officials Say (look at the occupations of one of the alleged killers)
Sea Change in Boston
East Germany’s answer to the Volkswagen was this nostalgia-inducing 26-horsepower clunker
I stutter. As a result, I have been mocked, insulted, misjudged and refused service.
Why Are Prosecutors Putting Innocent Witnesses in Jail?
It’s no accident that sexual harassers rise up the ranks
Female homicide rate dropped after Craigslist launched its erotic services platform
The Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein Problem
From coat check to kitchen, Boston restaurants are rife with sexual harassment
I Think More Criticism Is Better
Bitcoin Is A Bad Way To Do Something Necessary
4 ways Facebook’s cash machine algorithms are shredding the moral fiber of our society
They felt the Bern in Somerville: Sanders-inspired candidates win aldermen seats
Monopolies are privatizing the World Wide Web. Here’s how to stop it.

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