Links 10/16/16

Links for you. Science:

Obama’s Cognitive Dissonance About Mars
The ‘Swiss Agent’: Long-forgotten research unearths new mystery about Lyme disease (excellent)
What’s up with the green stuff invading the Potomac River?
A drug used to treat Crohn’s disease could suppress HIV, monkey study suggests


How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales? It Paid Its People More
How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream
The insulin market is heading for a shakeup. But patients may not benefit
WHERE THE PISA GAPS ARE: Amanda Ripley wrote a book!
Two Stories About The Watergate Exxon
WHERE THE PISA GAPS ARE: Substantial international gaps!
DC has rent control, but if landlords aren’t making a 12% profit they can file a hardship petition and raise rent (putting the rent back into rentier!)
WHERE THE PISA GAPS ARE: Large gaps within the American scores!
Millennials Are Not Lazier Than Boomers
WHERE THE PISA GAPS ARE: A scam concerning immigrant kids!
Region’s leaders discuss possible sales tax to fund Metro (of course Hogan and Virginia won’t raise taxes…)
‘Where is the light?’ frustrated Metro board member asks of system’s grim outlook
Guy Angrily Staring at Trump During the Debates Was Thinking Exactly What You Thought He Was
Colorfully Decorative Storefronts Reveal the Story of Paris
Man Who Held ‘Better To Grab A P***y Than To Be One’ Sign At Pro-Trump Rally Has Ties To White Nationalists

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