Links 12/14/22

Links for you. Science:

Microbial predators form a new supergroup of eukaryotes (it’s an amazing time to be a bench microbiologist)
Discriminatory Attitudes Against the Unvaccinated During a Global Pandemic (note that the U.S. is an outlier here)
We gave ChatGPT a college-level microbiology quiz. It blew the quiz away.
How a dangerous stew of air pollution is choking the United States
Efficacy of Antiviral Agents against Omicron Subvariants BQ.1.1 and XBB
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Another COVID Surge


Public Service Announcement: Put on a Mask! (excellent)
On That ProPublica ‘Chinese Lab Leak’ Story. A talk with a longtime translator, on why Mandarin does not include a ‘super-secret version’ for discussing government plans.
A Virulent Antisemitism: An Interview with Dr. Peter Hotez
Media’s Crime Hype and Scapegoating Led to Crackdown on Unhoused People
The Rent Is Too Damn High (and Concentration May Be to Blame)
Elon Musk fires Twitter’s cleaning staff just weeks before the holidays
Now faced with doing actual work, no House Republican wants to chair border funding committee
Kyrsten Sinema Declares Independence to Salvage Her Re-election Prospects
This is the most important nomination for the Senate to take up now
Rollback of covid vaccine mandate met with furor at Pentagon
Dem Dysfunction, Tabloid Hellscapes, Crime: How New York Almost Went Red
‘Magic Avatar’ App Lensa Generated Nudes From My Childhood Photos
BuzzFeed Faces Existential Crisis After Burning Through Nearly All of $700 Million of Investor Money
How the New York Times helped Republicans win the House
The next voice you hear: An intellectual dark webster gets unlimited access
Grateful to Jerusalem Demsas for writing about the important dynamic between affordability & service. I’m a big fan of her reporting & its exciting she’s turned to #Metro4DC. That said, what’s missing is what’s in the bill – BOTH free bus & service improvements. (does the Atlantic have editors?)
Health officials say it is time to mask up (Washington state)
New Yorkers Are Urged to Wear Masks Indoors as Covid and Flu Cases Rise. An increase in Covid, flu and R.S.V. cases prompted city health officials on Friday to tell residents to wear high-quality masks indoors and in crowded outdoor settings.
Four Paths to the Revelation: Give me 10 minutes, and I think I can make you obsess over AI
Walensky says CDC needs more authority from Congress to collect public health data
Flu overtakes COVID-19 in U.S. as primary respiratory illness
We Are Watching Elon Musk and His Fans Create a Conspiracy Theory About Wikipedia in Real Time
Road trip to Marfa yesterday
How Biden and Buttigieg Could Deliver Sick Leave To Rail Workers

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