The Biden Administration Isn’t Doing Enough to Stop COVID

Yes, the Biden administration is mailing out four free antigen tests to those who want them (go to to get yours), but that’s not nearly enough. Pediatric units are still slammed, and, in many parts of the U.S., hospitals are becoming more crowded due to respiratory diseases, including COVID. Meanwhile, COVID-related deaths are climbing, and both waste water data and the occasional release of prevalence data (hospital intake data and school testathon data) suggest COVID is reasonably prevalent (probably 1-3% would test positive in many places).

Yet the Biden administration isn’t doing anything significant in other areas. Much of this is due to Congressional ineptitude–though Biden declaring the pandemic over was fucking reckless and stupid and gave Republicans (and some Democrats) the excuse they needed to not adequate fund a COVID response. We still need more research into both intranasal vaccines and vaccines that also include nucleocapsid protein. We need to improve ventilation. OSHA needs to enact more worker protections. And, yes, we need more masking. Even if there isn’t funding to distribute masks, the administration could model good behavior and fucking wear masks in indoor public places, instead of half-heartedly and tentatively sort-of-suggesting masking.

Because you can’t bullshit the virus, and unless I’m really wrong about long COVID (I’ve estimated multiple times on this crappy blog that 1-2% of vaccinated people will contract severe long COVID symptoms), this is going to blow up in Biden’s face. Politically, take the hit now so you don’t get clobbered in 2024.

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  1. coloncancercommunity says:

    And here come the new variants…as the cases in China explode in our faces.

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