Links 12/15/22

Links for you. Science:

How daredevil drones find nearly extinct plants hiding in cliffs
Does your immune system need a workout? The bad science behind “immunity debt,” explained
Midwest farms are using more cover crops. Why that’s good news.
State of Affairs: December 6, 2022
‘The Most Resilient New Yorkers’ — Oysters Get Second Life in Harbor. See shells journey from dinner plates to docks as environmentalists and restaurateurs use mollusks to boost local ecology.
Toilets spew invisible aerosol plumes with every flush – here’s the proof, captured by high-powered lasers


Montgomery County Is Recommending Masks Again As COVID Cases Rise
Tackling inequality from the demand side
The South Then and Now
Train in Vain: Amtrak Joe leaves railroad workers in the dust
Of Course You Should Be Required To Serve LGBTQ Customers
Can think of several moments when as a young reporter I thought I had a bombshell story and then it became a merely average story or not news at all after an editor poked at it with skeptical questions. Beware media folks who think they’re too big-brained for editorial standards.
Gunfire attacks on power substations have been happening in other regions besides Moore County
The People vs. James Dolan. The Knicks and Rangers owner has long been considered one of the worst, and least effective, owners in sports. Does he care? Now he’s added technology at MSG to facially identify lawyers suing his company.
Hunter Biden and Elon Musk’s crowd-pleasing vaporware
The Great Netflix Hit Factory Paradox
What to Do With the Child Tax Credit Now? Turning the CTC into a universal benefit costs almost nothing.
Told By Ron DeSantis ‘Nobody Wants To Hear From You,’ Now He’s Headed To Congress
Breitbart, Ye & a Mercer Retreat
We’re living in virus hell
Elon, S.B.F. & the Closing of the Billionaire Mind
Looming ‘Apocalyptic’ Court Decision Could Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide. A right-wing effort to pull FDA approval of mifepristone would have immediate and devastating consequences.
Major delays on Orange Line — again — call renovations into question: “A month of shut down with nothing to show,” said one disgruntled rider. The Orange Line’s continued track record of delays and power outages challenges the alleged success of renovations.
Sam Bankman-Fried’s Admission About Secret GOP Donations Provoke An FEC Complaint
FTA rejects over half of MBTA’s corrective action plans
It’s Time to End the Medicare Advantage Scam
A Republican Supermajority In Florida Is Ready To Shred Abortion Rights
Influenza has arrived much earlier than usual, and not enough people are vaccinated
I Was Taught Not To Tell Anyone I Was Jewish. Here’s What Happened When I Finally Did.
Warnock Wins, but Jim Crow and Liberal Self-Sabotage Are Still Alive in Georgia. And the coalition that helped defeat the GOP is fractured and needs attention.
Three viruses are waging an attack. But you don’t have to surrender. (old enough to remember when the very same editorial board argued, a month ago, that federal workers should return to the office to increase D.C.’s tax revenue)
The Respect for Marriage Act Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Civil Rights. The bill headed to Biden’s desk includes a religious exemption that sets a troublesome precedent, not only for LGBTQ rights but possibly for all legislation.

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