When Even The Devil Doesn’t Want His Due…

you know your name is Trump:

As this column has noted previously, virtually no big United States banking institution has done new business with Mr. Trump in years, in part because of his history of bankruptcies and his penchant for litigation. During orientation for new employees, Goldman Sachs specifically used to use Mr. Trump as an example of the kind of prospective client to avoid.


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One Response to When Even The Devil Doesn’t Want His Due…

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    I’m ok with every example except NBCUniversal. They dropped Trump’s shows not because of bankruptcy concerns (quite the opposite: they were in charge of the money, not Trump), but rather because of the conflict of interest between Trump as their contracted entertainer and Trump as a candidate.

    Trump’s rhetoric (which as it is now, hadn’t even started in early 2015 when the fall line-up was set) was never a factor: if anything, it was an attraction for them for his shows.

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