However Tough Trump Thinks He Is, He Wouldn’t Last Ten Seconds in D.C.’s ANCs

This is surreal (boldface mine):

For unpaid positions with little real political power, the District’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions inspire a surprising amount of violence, including a 2014 shoving match. Now, in what may be the most notable instance of ANC-related brutality, a Ward 8 ANC member was arrested today after allegedly throwing a brick at a political rival.

One-time Ward ANC8E02 hopeful Joshua Johnson was walking on Alabama Ave. SE on Sept 15, according to a police report, when he encountered incumbent commissioner Anthony Muhammad.

Muhammad, a failed 2015 Ward 8 D.C. Council candidate and a member of the D.C. Democratic State Committee, had already foiled Johnson’s bid for the ANC seat by challenging his residency…

“Looky, looky here,” Muhammad told Johnson on Sept. 15, according to police files first reported by NBC4’s Mark Segraves. “Didn’t think I’d see you here again anymore after I knocked you off the ballot.”

“OK, you knocked me off, so what?” Johnson recalls telling Muhammad.

Rather than leave their dispute to the D.C. Board of Elections, though, Muhammad allegedly responded by throwing a brick or rock at his former foe, an attack corroborated to police by a witness. Police arrested Muhammad today on a misdemeanor assault charge.

This isn’t the first time Johnson and Muhammad have allegedly come close to violence. In an August lawsuit, later dismissed by a judge, Muhammad claimed that Johnson threatened him with a knife.

For his part, Johnson tells LL that Muhammad warned him that he “would die” if he pursued the ANC seat.

By the way, Muhammad’s defense is that he missed with the brick.

This is a tough political system.

And no possibility of a failure of governance here, not at all….

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