When Sheep Meet LEDs

It’s a dancing revue:

It beats other things they could have done with the sheep…..

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3 Responses to When Sheep Meet LEDs

  1. Hank Roberts says:

    See also:
    The Baa Studs – extreme sheep LED art – The Bloke.co.uk |
    Mar 19, 2009 … The BBC investigate how the Baa Studs extreme sheep LED art was made

  2. Rich Lawler says:

    To hell with evolution. I believe in the scala naturae:
    1) Border collies
    2) Snow leopards
    3) Jaguar
    4) other creatures
    98) Michael Jordan
    99) humans

  3. Daniel says:

    Nice Sheep LED Art. If you want to see transparent LED Sheetsfor lamination in glass, have a look to http://www.sun-tec.ch

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