Links 5/29/15

Links for you. Science:

‘You think I’m mad?’ – the truth about psychosomatic illness
Were You There? As a creationist kid, I was determined not to learn about evolution.
Fewer Botanists Means Less Plant Study
Success in Saving Bats From White-Nose Syndrome
Why you shouldn’t freak out about swarming honeybees — and how to save bees from those who do


Beyond Metro, there’s no big idea for transit in DC anymore
If You Want Really Low Poverty, Market Income Is Not Going To Get You There
Bernie Sanders is a totally legitimate presidential candidate. And it’s time the press started treating him like one. (yes, it is)
Liberals are enjoying a comeback (social liberals, anyway…)
Endangered and neglected World Heritage Sites: Conflict, politics, strife and war have resulted in some of the most beautiful and ancient cultural heritage sites in the world either neglected or destroyed.
Algorithms And Accountability Of Those Who Deploy Them
Five myths about traffic
The worst possible scenario to come out of Baltimore and Ferguson
Why do people waste so much time at the office? (because they don’t want to be there)
Public transportation can be a ride out of poverty
WaPo Takes Another Shot at Senator Warren on Behalf of the TPP
Setting the record straight on measuring fetal age and the ’20-week abortion’
America slouches toward plutocracy
The Shafting, Um, Sharing Economy
The Courage to Make Others Suffer
Bruce Sterling on startups and disruption
Mark Ruffalo: On Abortion And The Statement ‘I Am Not A Feminist’
Will Bernie Sanders get a fair shake?
America’s First Black President Throwing Slaves Under the Bus on TPP

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