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Home of the New Deal

Or at least one of its architects, Harry Hopkins. Observed at the corner of 34th and N Streets, Georgetown, D.C.:

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Evidence of Just How Stupid Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is

And it’s a resilient establishment–there is a limited range of opinion, and those outside of it don’t last very long. Nearly two years ago, I wrote this about Our Excellent Syrian Intervention (boldface added): Yes, we might be sending a … Continue reading

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Links 5/27/15

Links for you. Science: Are Dogs as Old as Eurasian Human Modernity? A glass-half-full view of academic fraud in political science So you’re related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European… Why we’re healthier in the summer, sicker in … Continue reading

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Block Off All the Roads to Maryland. Do It Now

This will not help reduce traffic problems in D.C. (boldface mine): On Tuesday, the MVA announced that parallel parking is no longer part of the driver’s license test in Maryland. Officials said other parts of the test — the two-point … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Promises of Big Genomics

Last week, David Dobbs wrote a piece about Big Genomics, in which he took a critical look at the Human Genome Project (‘HGP’). Below are some thoughts about his piece and ‘Big Genomics’; this shouldn’t be construed as a ‘response’: … Continue reading

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Links 5/26/15

Links for you. Science: Geographic Disparity of Severe Vision Loss — United States, 2009–2013 (one more bad health indicator for the U.S. South) Gene turns female mosquitoes into males Scientists Map 5,000 New Ocean Viruses: In the few decades since … Continue reading

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Observed on 30th Street, between Cambridge and Dent, Georgetown, D.C.:

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Who Decided O’Malley Is a ‘Serious’ Candidate and Sanders Isn’t?

There’s an excellent post by Beverly Mann at Angry Bear about how Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is probably farther to the right on policing issues than Hillary Clinton. The post is worth a read, but it also implies that … Continue reading

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Links 5/25/15

Links for you. Science: When will ‘open science’ become simply ‘science’? No more hidden solutions in bioinformatics: Precision medicine cannot advance without full disclosure of how commercial genome sequencing and interpretation software works (it’s a problem for microbiology too) Open-access … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Factoid About the Nash Deaths

Saturday, mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia were killed while taking a taxi. Depressingly, a little under one percent of U.S.-ians will be killed while driving or as passengers in motor vehicles. Think about how many people you know … Continue reading

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