Links 5/28/15

Links for you. Science:

Genetic Load Is Higher Outside of Africa
A Scandal in Political Science
House spending panel does its best to hide large cut to NSF social and geosciences research
Science, Evolved and Reimagined
Infection inflicts a persistent decrease in IQ: a danish study with 180,000 participants


What to Do When You’re Hit By a Car
Here’s the remarkable letter Chuck Johnson’s attorney sent to Twitter threatening legal action
Teacher: The Great Denver Testing Hoax
Remember This on Memorial Day: They Didn’t Fall, They Were Pushed
Capitol Police to undergo additional bathroom training
John Ashcroft’s son pushing constitutional amendment to allow voter ID in Missouri
Working at an abortion clinic challenged my pro-choice views — and confirmed them
Municipalities ticket for trees and toys, as traffic revenue declines
Petition seeks ouster of new superintendent’s assistant
Everything that’s wrong with high heels
The Economy Is Still Terrible for Young People
Waiting for the attack on Fort Sumter
Budding graffiti in Somerville
The Failures and Merits of Place-Based Initiatives
So There Was A Happy Ending Then
Gaius Publius: Hillary, TPP, the World of Money, and the Center for American Progress
Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard
Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
A Humanity Discarded
Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

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