Links 11/1/23

Links for you. Science:

A vampire panic gripped New England in the 1800s. The true evil was in the air.
Research shows small reduction in long COVID with antiviral use
Oyster fight: The humble sea creature could hold the key to restoring coastal waters. Developers hate it. Revitalizing oyster farms and wild oyster reefs could undo decades of environmental destruction on our coasts
Grammar Changes How We See, an Australian Language Shows
The art of panda sex — and why D.C.’s pandas were so bad at it
Two ‘pristine’ deep-water reefs in Galápagos discovered


A Tech Overlord’s Horrifying, Silly Vision for Who Should Rule the World
I’ve Been To Over 20 Homeschool Conferences. The Things I’ve Witnessed At Them Shocked Me.
Faced with abortion bans, doctors beg hospitals for help with key decisions. Vague state laws, and a lack of guidance on how to interpret them, have led to some patients being denied care until they are critically ill
New speaker of the House Mike Johnson once wrote in support of the criminalization of gay sex
Mike Johnson points to a Biden impeachment, even if the facts do not
The compelling candidacy of City Council candidate Henry Santana
We listened to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s podcast so you don’t have to
No Rallying Around the Flag in the Middle East: Neither Israel’s government nor Hamas has a lot of trust.
“You Don’t Want to Hedge It?”: Inside the New York Times Debate Over Its Gaza Hospital Bombing Coverage. Internal messages obtained by Vanity Fair offer a glimpse into the newsroom decision-making process and reveal pushback among some journalists to the paper’s initial framing—the subject of a rare Times editors’ note this week.
The tragedy of the Israel-Palestine conflict is this: underneath all the horror is a clash of two just causes
‘How Much Blood Is Your Fun Worth?’
Mike Johnson, “Champion of the Fossil Fuel Industry” and Climate Change Denier Elected as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
Let my people in: Why Gazans are not welcome in the Arab world
The UAW’s Amazing Win
The Texas GOP has a serious antisemitism problem
While U.S. church attendance has dropped, prosperity gospel has risen—with a brutal take on poverty
North Carolina Republicans Are About to Win Their War Against Democracy
How the Palestinian Authority Failed Its People: Make Palestinian governance better instead of leaving a vacuum for Hamas to fill.
What the UAW Strike Looks Like, From Deep in the Heart of Anti-Union Texas
The Evangelicals Calling for War on Poor People
Thank You, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for Flagging Biden Labor Policies You Hate
In the Cities of Killing: The Hamas massacre, the assaults on Gaza, and what comes after.
How the Yale Unions Took Over New Haven
Listen to Israeli survivors: They don’t want revenge. Against the prevailing public mood, many survivors of the Oct. 7 massacres and relatives of those killed or kidnapped are opposing retribution on Gaza.
‘I wish I had known earlier’: T chief says Green Line extension is so defective that key part will need to be fixed
Biden Says Mideast Leaders Must Consider A Two-State Solution After Violence Ends

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