D.C.’s COVID Prevalence Is Not Low and Seems to Holding Steady

Well, actually it’s Alexandria, VA’s wastewater data, because apparently the District of Columbia isn’t submitting data to Biobot anymore. Speaking of which, despite the contracting SNAFUs affecting the analysis of U.S. wastewater data, Biobot’s wastewater data for Alexandria, VA is back, baby!

At 497 copies/mL, we’re still about five times higher than the mid-June nadir and about 38% of the January 2023 season peak. That probably means around one percent of people are currently infected. It looks like we’ve hit a plateau, and, maybe if vaccination increases, we won’t see much of a rise in the weeks to come.

So, if you’re at a large-ish gathering, it’s definitely a good idea to mask up, not just to protect yourself, but to protect others too. Remember, you’re not the weirdo if you’re trying to avoid getting this disease.

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