Top Eighteen Read Posts Of The Year 2018

Here’s what you liked in 2018 at this blog, ya bastids–and don’t forget the Year in Ersatz Signing Statements, parts 1, 2, 3 either!:

A Hypothesis About The NY Times Political Reporters

Our Future Could Look Like El Salvador

Several Thoughts On Kavanaugh

Why I Will Be Cancelling My Atlantic Subscription

The Bain Bustout Lives: The Tronc Edition

Leaks And Narcissism

Once We Normalized Torture, This Was To Be Expected

We Have Turned Oceans Into Deserts

Laughing At Their Base

The Trump Rules Of Dealmaking

We’re Going To Forget. Sigh.

In Ten To Fifteen Years, Two Policies Will Be Finished

The Dispensability Of Most Sexual Harassers

You Don’t Really Want An Efficient Mass Transit System

When The Republican Party Flirts With Nazis

Centrist Democrats Who Believe In Magic Words

Brett Kavanaugh And Degenerate ‘Suburban’ Culture

Packing The Court Needs To Be A Mainstream Democratic Position

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