Laughing At Their Base

On the off chance you missed it, Il Trumpe, Stephen Miller, and Jared Kushner had a nice little bigot eruption that was leaked to the press (boldface mine):

The night before Trump delivered his first speech to Congress in February 2017, he huddled with senior adviser Jared Kushner and Miller in the Oval Office to talk immigration. The president reluctantly agreed with suggestions that he strike a gentler tone on immigration in the speech.

Trump reminded them the crowds loved his rhetoric on immigrants along the campaign trail. Acting as if he were at a rally, he recited a few made-up Hispanic names and described potential crimes they could have committed, such as rape or murder. Then, he said, the crowds would roar when the criminals were thrown out of the country — as they did when he highlighted crimes by illegal immigrants at his rallies, according to a person present for the exchange and another briefed on it later. Miller and Kushner laughed.

Pointing out that Il Trumpe is the most racist president since Woodrow Wilson is describing the obvious. But the contempt for their own supporters, while not entirely surprising, is something to behold: they are mocking their own stalwarts. They are more contemptuous of their base than New Democrats are of theirs, and that’s really say something.

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4 Responses to Laughing At Their Base

  1. John Clarke says:

    I wanted to make a comment on your Mississippi IQ post. You said that based on NAEP math scores Whites in Alabama and Miss. have roughly the same IQ as Blacks in Mass. This assumes that NAEP scores approximate IQ, which is unlikely to be the case.

    There is a correlation between IQ and other life outcomes. People with higher IQ tend to be incarcerated less and have lower rates of illegitimacy, for example. So if the White IQ in Alabama is roughly the same as the Black IQ in Massachusetts, then you’d expect their incarceration rates to be roughly the same. In fact, this is not the case. Whites in Alabama are incarcerated at a rate of 535 per 100,000 and Blacks in Massachusetts at 1500 per 100,000. Ok, maybe that’s due to “racism,” but illegitimacy rates aren’t the result of racism. Want to bet the next mortgage payment on whether Whites in Alabama and Blacks in Massachusetts have the same illegitimacy rates? (Blacks in Alabama are incarcerated at 1788 per 100,000 FWIW.)

  2. vincelamb says:

    To reference Lincoln, since at least 2008, if not earlier, the Republicans have consisted of the people who can be fooled all the time and the people who are fooling them. We know which group Trump, Kushner, and Miller belong to.

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