Links 5/27/18

Links for you. Science:

10 things you need to know about antibiotic resistance
Polio eradication initiative meets resistance to appeals to destroy samples
Slug Life: About That Injectable Memory Study
Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study
Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We’re Addicted to Meat


I was Jordan Peterson’s strongest supporter. Now I think he’s dangerous
The Collapse of Racial Liberalism
1,475 of the over 7,000 children which ICE has seized from their parents are missing and unaccounted for – and will probably never be reunited with their parents.
Booker and Warren fuse faith and politics in appeal to mainline preachers
Woman Says She Was Bound, Gagged and Bullied at Work in Scotland
We Don’t have a Retirement Crisis. We Have a Young People Crisis.
ATLANTIC WRITER: REPUBLICANS ARE SAYING ABSURD THINGS ABOUT GUNS — APPARENTLY FOR THE FIRST TIME! (campus conservative affirmative action programs are getting really tired…)
Spygate: How Right-Wing Media Creates a Conspiracy Theory Out of Thin Air
An Alarming Tip About a Neo-Nazi Marine, Then an Uncertain Response
Reducing barriers for job-seekers (in D.C.)
How a Native Hawaiian Democrat is pushing the party left on his home turf
Cuomo’s So-Called ‘Women’s’ Party (Cuomo is awful)
N.J. Democrats loved the idea of taxing the rich — until they actually could do it (one more reason why this life-long Democrat has trust issues with the Democratic establishment)
Publix halts donations to self-described ‘NRA sellout’ amid boycott, ‘die-in’ protests by David Hogg
Why you’re getting flooded with privacy notifications in your email
There Is Power in a Union
‘Almost No One Agrees With Us’: For Rural Students, Gun Control Can Be a Lonely Cause
Jared Kushner’s tech startup seeking at least $100 million from Saudi-backed fund
Beware the “Reasonable” Take on the Mueller Investigation
Oh No! We’re Running Out of People

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