Leaks And Narcissism

While any Republican administration’s policies would be abysmal, his narcissism does present challenges, including the overwhelming need by those who have to deal with the narcissist to tell someone, anyone about how awful the situation is. As some asshole with a blog put it:

There’s a reason–when you have a narcissist as a boss, you live in a constant environment of lies:

Just like the addict’s primary goal is to get that fix, the narcissist’s primary goal is to maintain the fantasy. They will construct elaborate mechanisms to deny unpleasant realities. Plainly put, they turn everyone around them into liars. You have to lie as a self-defense mechanism in order to fend off and manage the impulsiveness, the bouts of inadequacy, the hare-brained ideas, and the laziness and ineptitude. If you are a reasonably honest person, this is soul-crushing.

When you work in such an environment, you have the desperate need to tell the truth to maintain your own humanity. To survive emotionally in such an environment requires you tell someone the truth. If doing so harms the person who is making you miserable, that’s another benefit.

As long as Republicans think they can get away with it, they’re going to keep leaking. The cost of not doing so is too high.

Paul Waldman comments (boldface mine):

There are a certain number of leaks in every White House, as people maneuver to get their side of a story told, promote their policy ideas, or try to undercut a rival. But generally speaking, the more leaks there are, the less healthy your White House is. If everyone was committed to a single cause, felt supported and valued, and was devoted to their colleagues, they wouldn’t be rushing to reporters to dish on all the chaos…

Though the leakiness has multiple causes, in the end it comes down to the president himself. If Trump commanded the kind of personal admiration that other presidents (both Democrat and Republican) had from their staffs, he’d be able to convince them to keep their mouths shut for the good of the team. But he doesn’t; indeed, the topic of many leaks is how ignorant, capricious, and erratic Trump is, as though a staffer walked out of a meeting with him and said to themselves, “My god, I can’t believe that nincompoop is actually the most powerful man on Earth. I’ve got to tell somebody.”

Trump is not going to change, and there’s little reason to think his White House is suddenly going to become a model of professionalism and restraint. Which is bad for them, but better for the rest of us. It may be a dumpster fire, but at least we’ll continue to get an idea of what’s burning.

We are very lucky in some ways that Trump is ill–and he is ill. Someone psychologically healthy would be even more dangerous.

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