The Difference Between A Narcissist And A Self-Absorbed Asshole

It’s not just a matter of degree. Once, when dealing with a narcissist boss, I had to confront the Narcissist. Fortunately, I had all of the paperwork down to a T. The Narcissist was enraged. If there had been a gun in the office, I probably would have been murdered. It wasn’t that I showed up the Narcissist, it was that the Narcissist genuinely believed the wrong thing was right–and needed to believe the wrong thing was right–and I burst that bubble*.

Greg Sargent bumps into it (boldface mine):

The appointment of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate possible Trump campaign collusion with Russian meddling in the election puts the Trump presidency in substantially greater peril than it was in only 24 hours ago. But, remarkably enough, this did not even have to happen at all — it only happened because the unhinged behavior of President Trump himself made it happen.

Yet it’s not clear that Trump’s less-than-vise-like grip on reality permits him to even grasp this….

Trump has created a problem for himself in yet another way, too: He denied asking Comey for a loyalty pledge by vaguely threatening to release alleged tapes of their conversation. Now, if Comey publicly attests to that pledge, the White House will be forced to produce these tapes or admit they don’t exist, and it’s very likely that neither of those outcomes would turn out well for Trump.

The point is not just that Trump’s actions are entirely to blame for the appointment of the special counsel. It’s also that there are no indications that Trump even understands this. And on top of that, these actions themselves — which simply did not have to happen — will now likely be probed by the special counsel, too.

The last sentence is critical. It’s not that Trump is self-absorbed. He is deluded. A narcissist believes his own bullshit. His misperception of reality and reality itself have diverged. And a narcissist is at his most dangerous and vicious when confronted with this break from reality.

This could start to get really bad (and if you think right now is bad, you are demonstrating a tremendous lack of imagination).

*Someone not unwell would not have reacted this way over what was, essentially, a rather small matter.

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