When The Republican Party Flirts With Nazis

There’s an excellent article about the rise and (beginning of) the fall (hopefully) of the fascist, racist right. What’s disturbing is that no one seems to have picked up on this important part (boldface mine):

In Everything You Love Will Burn, journalist Vegas Tenold reveals that [Nazi Matthew] Heimbach was trained at the Leadership Institute, a think tank in Washington, DC, whose alumni include Mitch McConnell, Grover Norquist, and James O’Keefe; that Heimbach is hugely influenced by Pat Buchanan; and that, on Inauguration Day, Heimbach was introduced to a room full of GOP strategists and state legislators at the Capitol Hill Club, directly across from the Capitol building. “A few years ago the GOP wouldn’t be able to even sit in the same room as you, but things have changed, and now we need each other,” Heimbach’s Republican contact told him, as quoted by Tenold. “This is a big day.”

This is what the conservative movement is. It is not a few marginal ‘reformicons’ at a small think tank. They are waist-deep in white supremacy and bigotry (and some asshole with a blog was calling them a white nationalist party long before it was cool).

Forget the imaginary conservatives that seem to dwell in too many Very Serious People’s heads. This is who they are.

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