Several Thoughts On Kavanaugh

While I’m out today, here are some thoughts about the Kavanaugh nomination that, hopefully, haven’t been overtaken by events (and aren’t the same damn thing everyone else is saying). In no particular order:

  1. I think there’s a misunderstanding about the letter of support by the ‘Kavanaugh 65.’ It was meant to defang the charge that he has a drunken pig in his high school and college years (‘he said some bad things then, but since then, he’s matured. Besides, he wasn’t really bad.’). The tell is that, of the forty signatories that have been contacted after the sexual assault allegations broken, only two have stuck with him. They didn’t think attempted sexual assault allegations were coming, though they probably should have. This is yet another reason why you need diversity among your advisors: with a more diverse crew, some of them would have thought he’s an entitled asshole.
  2. Merrick Garland wasn’t accused of sexual assault.
  3. Neither was Neil Gorsuch–and I think he’s an awful judge. But when you limit yourself to the subset of Federalist Society approved judges who also think the president is essentially unaccountable, the talent pool is rather thin.
  4. After decades of hearing about ‘degenerate urban culture’, we should realize that ‘suburban culture’ can be just as degenerate?
  5. Approving Kavanaugh’s nomination sends an awful message to young men. If young men were (hopefully more?) worried that sexual assault could ruin them, some would be less likely to commit assault. How this is a bad thing escapes me. And if you did something like this, your victim has had to live with it, so you should too.


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7 Responses to Several Thoughts On Kavanaugh

  1. Gail Lawrence says:

    I was felt up by a middle age shoe store owner when I was 15
    I’m now 80 and I told my first person (son) yesterday. I remember room. Shoe boxes. Glasses. He wore glasses. My mom was in the store. It was so minor and i told no one.

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  3. jeffjapan055 says:

    “And after subsequently hearing the details and learning that his accuser was a woman some of them knew, do they stand by their declaration? Yes, say more than a dozen signers who have since spoken to The Associated Press or other media outlets.Others who signed declined to comment or didn’t respond to inquiries. The AP left messages for all 65.”

    • jeffjapan055 says:

      That’s only 1/5 stick by their man! All white suburban preppy privileged women, some didn’t know him at all, think peer pressure. One Dem, rest Republican. Groupon Club?

  4. dilbert dogbert says:

    Re: No.5
    With today’s social media and smart phones, incidents like this will shoot around the world in an nanosecond with video. Young men of today will be aware.

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